Politics roundup. Most parties full support to peace process.. Let’s see what happens…

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses the media before his flight to Denmark for an official visit at Esenboga Airport in Ankara March 19, 2013. REUTERS/Umit Bektas


Turkey?s leading business group visits BDP, lends full support to peace process

from Hurriyet Daily News

The peace process and the new Constitution preparations are a ‘chance’ for Turkey, TÜSİAD’s chairman said following a visit BDP’s parliamentary group.



KK leader demands ?direct contact? with Öcalan

from Hurriyet Daily News

The Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), the alleged urban wing of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party..


Rebel Keeps Kurds? Guns Close at Hand in Peace Talks With Turkey

from NYT > Turkey by By TIM ARANGO

The defiance of Murat Karayilan, commander of the Kurdistan Workers? Party, suggests that the process could be longer and more arduous than anticipated.


Wise persons don?t enter the service of a gov?t: Turkish main opposition leader

from Hurriyet Daily News

The leader of the Turkish main opposition has slammed the Wise Persons Commission members, arguing that they would only transmit the government’s stance.



A guide to the PKK and the resolution process

from Hurriyet Daily News

Building on its initial steps to disarm the PKK and resolve the Kurdish question from 2009.

Wise Persons meet Alevis in Malatya

from Hurriyet Daily News

Members of the Wise Men Commission, which was formed for the peaceful resolution of the Kurdish issue…

Peace to rise Turkey?s rating, says Moody?s

from Hurriyet Daily News

Ratings agency Moody?s said that Turkey?s progress towards peace with Kurdish militants was good for its credit rating.


Government puts 5th and 6th judiciary packages under way

from Hurriyet Daily News

Turkish government has started preperations for two new judicial reform packages as a fourth..



Wise men versus unwise nationalism

from Hurriyet Daily News

A recurrent theme in the Turkish media these days is the commission of ?wise people.?


Wise Persons? sub-groups begin nationwide journey

from Hurriyet Daily News

Members of the government-formed Wise Persons? Commission have begun their activities


Foundation set to apply for founding first Kurdish-language university

from Hurriyet Daily News

A foundation has launched preparations for what would be Turkey?s Kurdish-language university.

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