Cyberculture roundup: CISPA Passes Committee but ACLU, White House Pan CISPA’s Return…

CISPA Passes Committee, Advances to House Vote

from Mashable! by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai


ACLU, White House Pan CISPA’s Return

from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm


Obama’s regressive record makes Nixon look like Che

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

Redditor Federal Reservations has made a handy post enumerating all the regressive, authoritarian, corporatist policies enacted by the Obama administration in its one-and-a-bit terms. You know, for someone the right wing press likes to call a socialist, Obama sure makes Richard Nixon look like Che Guevara. And what’s more, this is only a partial list, and excludes the parade of copyright horrors and bad Internet policy emanating from the White House, via Joe Biden’s push for Six Strikes, the US Trade Rep’s push for secret Internet censorship and surveillance treaties like TPP and ACTA and TAFTA; the DoJ’s push to criminalize every Internet user by expanding the CFAA, and much, much more.


Adobe Digital Index: New Data on Social Video

from social media vb by Robin Carey

One of the most effective ways that brands can publish in this age of ?every company is a content company? is through researching their customers and presenting that data to the market. And Adobe is leading the effort with the excellent research that they produce around the Adobe Digital Index.


Supporters Say All The Wrong Things to Try and Pass CISPA

from Updates by Mark M. Jaycox

Ever since reintroducing CISPA, the so-called “cybersecurity bill,” its supporters promote the bill with craftily worded or just plain misleading claims. Such claims have been lobbed over and over again in op-eds, athearings, and in press materials.  One “fact sheet” by Rep. Rogers and Ruppersberger titled “Myth v. Fact” is so dubious that we felt we had to comment. To stop this type of misinformation?and to stop CISPA?we urge you to tell your members of Congress to stand up for privacy.


Wikipedia’s Suicide Mission Against Russian Censors

from Global Voices Online by Kevin Rothrock

Smoking cannabis is dangerous business for people the world over. In Russia, just writing about it online is apparently enough to run afoul of federal anti-drug police, as that nation?s Wikipedians learned last Friday, April 5, 2013. It was then that state officials first informed Wikimedia Russia, the Wikimedia Foundation?s local chapter, that the government has placed its ?Cannabis Smoking? article [ru] on its blacklist of illegal websites.


Russian Censors Partially Acquiesce to Wikipedia

from Global Voices Online by Kevin Rothrock

Russian Internet censors at Roskomnadzor have reversed a decision to ban Wikipedia’s entry for ?cannabis smoking,? following a reexamination of the article after a new round of edits by Wikipedian volunteers. In astatement [ru] on its website today, April 10, 2013, Roskomnadzor announced the unbanning, though at leastnine [ru] other Wikipedia articles apparently remain on the RuNet blacklist.



Google?s collision course with member states

from Blogactiv by SafeGovEU

European Union regulators have taken their first step to making good on their recent threat to take ?repressive action? against Google by summer.


Google hit with another EU antitrust complaint, this time over Android

from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm


Google Image Algorithms Still No Match for Human Powers of Association

from Wired Top Stories by Jakob Schiller

Dina Kelberman’s project I’m Google strings photos together like a writer connects thoughts, resulting in a long visual narrative on her Tumblr page. Culled from Google Image Search, the photos create a stream of consciousness that’s riveting to follow.


STUDY: Hostility On The Rise On Facebook, Other Social Networks

from All Facebook by David Cohen



Anonymous cyberattack on Israel finds disputed impact

Network World

Network World – Although the hactivist group Anonymous had declared its supporters would attack Israel on April 7 and “erase Israel from cyberspace,” the damage from Anonymous so far appears to be minimal to Israeli government and bank websites that


You hack me, I hack you: Israeli hackers break Anonymous’ website


Israeli hackers and Anonymous have exchanged cyber-attacks. was hacked by Israeli hackers after the Hacktivist group Anonymous temporarily brought down the website of the Prime Minister’s Office, and that of the Likud party.


Anonymous hacker attack on Israeli websites ’causes little real damage’

The Guardian

Posters using the name of the hacking group Anonymous had warned they would launch a massive attack on Israeli sites in a strike they called #OpIsrael starting on 7 April. Some said they were launching the assault in “solidarity” with the Palestinians


Anonymous Arab’ cyberattacks hit Israel


(CNN) — Several Israeli government websites appeared to crash as anti-Israeli hackers launched cyberattacks Sunday, but Israeli hackers also claimed their own victory. The website that promoted the “OpIsrael” cyberattacks was itself hacked. Instead of


‘Hacktivist’ group Anonymous strikes at Israeli government websites

Washington Times

?So far it is as was expected, there is hardly any real damage,? said Yitzhak Ben Yisrael of the government’s National Cyber Bureau, according to Ynet. ?Anonymous doesn’t have the skills to damage the country’s vital infrastructure. And if that was its


Hacking group Anonymous launches attack on Israeli government websites on …

Daily Mail

The global hacking group Anonymous launched a cyber attack against Israeli government websites in a web protest on the country’s annual Holocaust memorial day. Hackers had promised a mass assault to protest over Israeli policy toward the Palestinians,


Anonymous cyberattackers target Israeli government websites

The Independent

“Anonymous doesn’t have the skills to damage the country’s vital infrastructure. And if that was its intention, then it wouldn’t have announced the attack of time. It wants to create noise in the media about issues that are close to its heart.” Israel



WikiLeaks Cable Reveals US Embassy Strategy to Destabilize Chavez …


(WASHINGTON DC RT) – In a secret US cable published online by WikiLeaks, former ambassador to Venezuela, William Brownfield, outlines a comprehensive plan to infiltrate and destabilize former President Hugo Chavez’ government. Dispatched in November of


Anonymous vs. Israel

Israeli hackers, under the name Israeli Elite Strike Force (@IsraeliElite) waged a cyberwar against Anonymous’ anti-Israel hack campaign, #OpIsrael. In response to Anonymous’ escalation of attacks on April 7, Israeli Elite disabled dozens of sites


Hacker group Anonymous attacks Israel on Holocaust memorial day

New York Post

JERUSALEM ? An international cyber attack campaign against Israeli government websites on Sunday failed to cause serious disruptions despite dire threats from the Anonymoushacker collective, Israeli officials said Sunday. The global hacker group


Anonymous Hacks Israel: Doesn’t Reach Goal, But Leaks Credit Cards And …

International Business Times

In response to Israeli airstrikes in Gaza last week, the activist hacker collective Anonymousre-launched its #OpIsrael campaign on Sunday. The group threatened to infiltrate 60,000 websites, 40,000 Facebook pages, 5,000 Twitter accounts and 30,000


Anonymous assault no cyber-terrorism: Ex-British spy

Press TV

Annie Machon said the recent cyber attacks on Israeli regime’s websites by hacker groupanonymous is an act of protest while the US and Israeli attacks on computer systems at Iranian nuclear facilities was an act of ?cyber-terrorism? and sabotage


Why Did Anonymous Have to Attack Israel on Holocaust Memorial Day?


Yesterday began Holocaust Memorial Day. And six million dead were remembered in very different ways. Israelis held ceremonies to honor the victims of the Holocaust. The hackers atAnonymous splashed anti-Israel slogans on Israeli Web sites. You decide


Anonymous targets Israel, JPost repels hackers

Jerusalem Post

A limited cyber attack was launched on Israeli websites on Sunday, as hackers affiliated with the Anonymous group succeeded in leaking databases of small websites but failed to cause significant disruption. Major government websites remained functional


Anonymous blitzes Israel in new attack


Anonymous claims to have disrupted more than 100,000 Israeli web sites and caused over $US3bn in damages with a new campaign, called OpIsrael, launched over the weekend. Israeli officials say the effort was largely unsuccessful in breaching the


The Mystical Meanings of the Anonymous Hacking Attacks

The Jewish Press (blog)

Returning to the Purim saga, we can observe two representations of the ?anonymous? concept. But as is the nature of most Purim related discussions, they tend to reside on opposite sides of the spectrum. On the good side, as mentioned, is the ?anonymous

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