Eurosphere roundup: France’s President Hollande in trouble… “The Cyprus Bailout: Factsheet

Cyprus reaches end of a long and sleazy road

from – World, Europe

The collapse of the Cypriot economy is not the result of a random lurch or shift in axis. It is the end of a path traced in a long, complacent arc of ease and sleaze


The Cyprus Bailout: Factsheet

from Ideas on Europe by Osmi Anannya

The troubles of France’s President Hollande

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition

How far will the French tolerate cuts by Hollande?

Stateless in the UK: amid the chaos, a groundbreaking step forward

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Chris Nash

New immigration rules in the UK designed to help stateless people come into force at a time when legal aid has been removed from nearly all immigration cases. With little or no access to legal aid, how far will those who are stranded in the UK really have a chance to rebuild their lives?

The politics of sexual harassment in Spain

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Liz Cooper

A scandal related to women?s rights and the socialist party in Spain, PSOE, broke out last month on International Women?s Day. Liz Cooper looks at a case of sexual harassment by politicians at work that is at the heart of the current row in the PSOE.


So Cameron starts a charm offensive across the EU

from Jon Worth by Jon


Majority of French seek reshuffle of government

from Hurriyet Daily News

A majority of the French favor a government reshuffle in the aftermath.

IMF’s Lagarde says Euro has ‘long-standing future’

from Hurriyet Daily News

International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde on Sunday told an audience in China.


MAIN FOCUS: Hollande declares war on corrupt politicians | 04/04/2013

from euro|topics

French President François Hollande attempted on Wednesday to limit the damage caused by the affair over the unreported earnings of former budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac. In future, new laws are to ensure the public disclosure of politicians’ incomes and prevent officials who have been found guilty of corruption from returning to office. But such reforms are worthless as long as patronage networks hold sway and politicians fail to meet their responsibilities, commentators write.


Cleaner politics in France

from – World, Europe

Hollande?s authority move to raise standards is overdue as his waning authority has been further weakened by the disgrace of trusted lieutenant


European Right to Freedom Act

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Franziska Brantner

We should recognize that the national context and legitimacy is here to stay for some time. We might overcome it one day, but not tomorrow. We therefore need to develop a new approach that allows for combining the national more legitimately and more democratically with the European.

Cultural differences in EU projects

from Blogactiv


UK report rebuffs Cameron on migrants from Bulgaria, Romania (News)


Cyprus rescue hurts banks, says Putin

from – World, Europe

Russian president says ?17bn eurozone bailout deal will encourage foreign investors to put their money into his country?s lenders

Cyprus to probe Greek bond purchases

from – World, Europe

Central bank is forced to insist publicly that an investigation is under way into the collapse of Laiki Bank amid pressure from angry depositors

Storm clouds gather for Hollande

from – World, Europe

The French president is said to be committed to reforms to restore the country?s fiscal health, but his immediate priority is to douse a political fire

Bottom up? to Europe

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Gian Giacomo Migone

A currency devoid of matching political institutions becomes a promising prey of the markets, led by financial interests, including many traditionally hostile to the euro and to the prospect of any further European integration. What to do?

Is Sikorski in with a chance of being the next EU foreign minister?

by Open Europe blog team


Minority Rights, Solidarity and Inequalities: question marks on Croatia?s EU Membership

from Blogactiv by Zoltán Massay-Kosubek

Some critics argue that Croatia is not ready for an EU accession because of its national conflicts, its economic and political weakness. Minority Rights, Solidarity and inequalities are the key issues worth to examine in this regard.


Fresh elections loom in Italy

from – World, Europe

Five Star Movement, which holds balance of power in a divided parliament since inconclusive elections six weeks ago, shows signs of splintering


Britain nixes European democracy

from Grahnlaw by Ralf Grahn

The minor steps the UK government has taken or promised will do little to convert the EU referendum and Brexit brigade at home (or the secessionists abroad), but they strengthen the case of those who see that European level democracy and accountable government have to be built on the eurozone, which needs full representative democracy, functioning government, robust rules, good governance, accountability and transparency


Britain has marginalised itself on an EU legislative dossier for the second time in a matter of weeks. Why?

from Jon Worth


Britain’s Brezhnev-style capitalism

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Will Davies

Wander into post-Olympics East London, lift your gaze, and what do you see? The awful warning of late-Soviet homogenisation.


Italy’s Berlusconi calls for broad government or early vote

from Hurriyet Daily News

Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, buoyed by new opinion polls showing a lead.

Trying to understand a report I have not seen? The European Report on Development

from Jon Worth by Jon

So the European Commission and 7 Member States finance and commission a European Report on Development. There have been three of them so far (details here), and the latest one ? entitled Post-2015: Global Action for an Inclusive and Sustainable Future will be released on Tuesday next week. There?s apparently a launch event about it happening in Brussels, with Commissioner Piebalgs speaking at it (3rd item here), although where and exactly when this will happen is a mystery still, and I do not think it is live streamed.


Italy wants change. But the time hasn’t come yet

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Michele Barbero

The last elections have shown that voters demand the beginning of a new political season. Unfortunately, what’s happening in the aftermath is the exact opposite.

Cyprus crisis: Swan song of the Eurozone

from Eurozine articles by Constantine Dimoulas, Vassilis K. Fouskas

Fouskas and Dimoulas look at the bigger picture surrounding the Greek Cypriot crisis, as economic contraction reaches levels not seen since the Turkish invasion. Meanwhile, external economic and geopolitical interests leave little prospect of European politics furthering the cause of integration.

Key Bank of Cyprus data missing

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition

Some key data about bond purchases by Bank of Cyprus – now the focus of a controversial EU-IMF bailout – is missing, investigators find.


Portugal faces fresh cuts to spending

from – World, Europe

Passos Coelho: ?We will have to introduce important cuts in expenditure on social security, health and education. We need to do everything possible to avoid a second bailout?

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