Such a disappointing move from Google. Google Reader is to be closed. Search for alternatives begin…

RIP Google Reader

from Mashable! by Christina Warren

Fan Site Demands Google Reader Be Brought Back

from Mashable! by Anita Li

Check Out These Google Reader Alternatives

from Mashable! by Christina Warren

Hey Google, We Still Love Reader

from Mashable! by Chris Taylor

Quick Thoughts on Google Reader and Social Networks

by Kevin Bondelli
With the closing of Google Reader, a number of people are saying that it isn?t a big deal because they get their news from people on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Those people are wrong, mostly because they have no idea how a supply chain works.

Former Google Reader product manager confirms our suspicions: Its demise is all about Google+

from The Next Web by Emil Protalinski

As Google Reader is killed off, Flipboard, Feedly and others step up with RSS alternatives

from The Next Web by Jon Russell

RIP: Google Reader Meets Its Inevitable End

from Wired Top Stories by Mat Honan
Google announced that it?s killing off Google Reader effective July 1, 2013. Reader was Google?s web-based program that let people subscribe to news feeds from their favorite sites. That?s a shame, because Reader was pretty great.

Google to axe Google Reader on July 1 as part of larger round of app closures

from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm

Powering Down Google Reader

from Official Google Reader Blog by A Googler

Posted by Alan Green, Software Engineer

Google Reader Giderken (ya da Bırakalım Gitsin)

from Cyberspace Aylağının Günlüğü by Ahmet A. Sabancı
Sabah sabah (başladığımda ilk kahvemi yeni bitirmiştim) bloga bir şeyler yazmak pek alışkanlığım değil ama bu haberi gördükten sonra yazmadan durmama imkân yoktu.
Google Reader, 1 Temmuz?da tamamen kapanıyor.

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