Anthro roundup: RIP for Manfred Kremser… Chagnon vs. Asch debate continues…

You find information about Manfred and his work in English:

And German:

Among his publications related to cyber / digital anthropology are:

2004 [with Philipp Budka] ?CyberAnthropology ? Anthropology of CyberCulture?, in Stefan Khittel, Barbara Plankensteiner & Maria Six-Hohenbalken (eds), Contemporary Issues in Socio-Cultural Anthropology: Perspectives and Research Activities from Austria. Wien: Löcker.

2003 ?Afrikas Digitale Diaspora Religionen: Das Ringen um religiöse Kultur und Identität im Cyberspace?, in Werner Zips (ed.), Afrikanische Diaspora: Out of Africa ? Into New Worlds (Afrika und ihre Diaspora, vol. 1). Münster: Lit.

2001 Entries ?African Geomancy?, ?Barbados, African Derived Religions in?, ?Cyberspace, African and African Derived Religions in?, ?Ifa?, ?St. Kitts, African Derived Religions in?, ?St. Lucia, African Derived Religions in?, in Glazier, Stephen D. (ed.), Encyclopedia of African and African American Religions. New York: Routledge.

2000 ?Von WissensRitualen zu CyberKathedralen?, in Wolf D. Prix (ed.) prinz eisenbeton. New York: Springer.

1999a ?African Cultures: Value and Net-Product?, in Erwin Ebermann & Karl E. Thomanek (eds), Chances and Risks of the Development of Subsaharan Africa. New York: UNDP.

1999b ?CyberAnthropology und die neuen Räume des Wissens?. Mitteilungen der Anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien, Band CXXIX



Addendum to Chagnon in the NYT

from Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology ? A Group Blog by Matt Thompson
In the fallout from Sahlins? departure from the NAS and Rex?s coverage of it on Savage Minds, I noticed a conversation in a friend?s Facebook status about whether some biological anthropologist might write a letter to the editor contributing their voice and perspective. Letters had been written, it was alleged, but the papers had declined to publish them.

The Napoleon Chagnon Wars Flare Up Again In Anthropology

NPR (blog)

The Fierce People. That’s what anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon called the indigenous Ya?nomamö Indians of Venezuela in his 1968 book Ya?nomamö: The Fierce People. It’s one of the best-selling anthropology texts of all time and is still in wide use.


Chagnon vs. Asch

from Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology ? A Group Blog by Kerim

It seems a lot of anthropologists have had cause to write angry letters in response to Chagnon?s latest book:Sahlins, Fuentes and Marks here on Savage Minds, and a host of others elsewhere (see Anthropology Report for a good rundown). But I thought Jay Ruby?s criticism was unique enough that it deserved it?s own post. Sent toVISCOM, an email list for visual anthropology, Ruby wrote the following:


Gene Promoters: On Chagnon and Diamond

from by Michael Scroggins
Like clockwork (or a comet, perhaps), the noisiest problem in anthropology makes its return every few years. And this year we are blessed with the two noisiest comets in anthropology returning together. Both Diamond and Chagnon have new books and, more importantly, new book campaigns with money for appearances and exposure to media outlets. Even better, they both have stone axes to grind.


?But of course, only a fucking idiot would believe that?

from Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology ? A Group Blog by Rex
Sometimes a blog entry comes along that just bowls you over. I almost always enjoy Jon Marks?s all-to-infrequent posts but his latest one  is really a work of art and now wins my awards for ?best short explanation of why anthropologists think NAS jumped the shark when it elected Napoleon Chagnon?.

‘Noble Savages: My Life Among Two Dangerous Tribes ?The Yanomamo and …
Washington Post
Napoleon Chagnon’s ?Noble Savages? is a sprawling book that explores his complicated relationship with the Yanomamo Indians of Venezuela, as well as his war with anthropology. Author of one of the best-selling anthropology texts of all time, ?Yanomamo:
Anthropology professor opens his lab to young students across the country
“It was exciting to be able to do that,” said Musiba, associate professor of Anthropology at CU Denver. Musiba is part of the Scientists in Action program put on by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This is one of only two programs nationwide

Anthropologists as Academic Cannibals: Grad Students for Breakfast, and Academic Grandparents for Dinner?

from by Tony

Anthropology is going through yet another bout of self-flagellation as Marshall Sahlins, Napoleon Chagnon, and others refight battles going back to the 1970s, gleefully aided and abetted by the New York Times.

Andreas Roepstorff on Neuroanthropology

from Neuroanthropology by daniel.lende
Andreas Roepstorff is one of the leaders of neuroanthropology. A professor in both anthropology and integrative neuroscience at Aarhus, Roepstorff is co-director of the MINDLab there.

Wayne State anthropology students work to preserve Pontiac’s Oak Hill Cemetery
Oakland Press
Setzer, who holds a doctorate in applied anthropology from the University of South Florida, is presenting papers on her work at Oak Hill Cemetery at the Society for American Archaeology and American Association of Physical Anthropologists conferences

My Love Affair with Anthropology
Voice of America (blog)
After I was admitted as a transfer student by University of Virginia, I went to a send-off party hosted in Beijing by its alumni and the Office of Engagement for incoming undergraduate and graduate students, in order to learn more about my new school

AAA Releases Statement on OSTP memorandum

from American Anthropological Association by Joslyn O.


Anthropologist rightly denounces militarization

NYU Washington Square News

Marshall Sahlins, a leading American anthropologist, resigned last week from the National Academy of Sciences. This may come as a shock to the scientific community and even to students at NYU. Anyone taking an introductory course to anthropology at

Jody Williams: Nobel Peace Prize laureate, activist, and author

from anthropologyworks by admin
The 10th woman in the world to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Jody Williams has recently published her memoir, My Name Is Jody Williams: A Vermont Girl?s Winding Path to the Nobel Peace Prize.


Web Roundup: Reading Literature as Medical Anthropologists by Cassandra Hartblay

from Somatosphere by Cassandra Hartblay
This month?s Web Round-up gathers reviews of recent works of fiction that engage medical anthropological themes. You?ll also find some links to writings about anthropology and fiction from around the blogosphere. This slant toward literary subject matter is inspired by the recent addition of the Top of the Heap column to the Somatosphere family.

Race, racism, anthropology #1: Mullings on ?Interrogating Racism?

from Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology ? A Group Blog by Ryan
The comments section from my last post about the Napoleon Chagnon controversy eventually led into a discussion about race, racism, and anthropology.  If you read more about the debates surrounding Chagnon, it?s pretty clear that they bring up some important (and complex) issues about race, power, the academy?and anthropology?s place within all of this.  Near the end of the comment thread, one of our readers mentioned an article that?s well worth reading  (thanks, Kat): Interrogating Racism: Toward an Antiracist Anthropology, by Leith Mullings (Annual Review of Anthropology, 2005).

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