Cyberculture roundup: New battle lines… Facebook blocks Yandex…

Facebook Blocks Yandex, the Google of Russia

from Wired Top Stories by Ryan Tate
Facebook has locked out a mobile app from Russian internet powerhouse Yandex. It’s the latest examples of how social networks are increasingly hoarding their information and locking out potential competitors.

18 Facebook Fossils We?ll Remember Forever

from Mashable! by Dani Fankhauser

Facebook updates its Platform Policies to stop competitors from piggybacking on its social graph

from The Next Web by Emil Protalinski

Will the personalised Web destroy discovery?

from The Next Web by Niall Harbison

Appeals Court affirms state secrecy in Twitter/WikiLeaks case

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin
Our appeal was denied likely due to ongoing FBI probe into #Wikileaks. The probe is wrong and must be dropped; it is an affront to justice.
? Jacob Appelbaum (@ioerror) January 26, 2013
In Virginia today, a federal appeals court has ruled that the government can maintain secrecy around its efforts to obtain the private information of internet users, without a warrant. The appeal originated from a legal battle over the Twitter user records of three activists the government is investigating for connections to WikiLeaks: security researcher Jacob Appelbaum (@ioerror), Dutch hacker Rop Gonggrijp (@rop_g), and Icelandic parliament member Birgitta Jonsdottir (@birgittaj). The ruling effectively says the three do not have the right “to know from which companies, other than Twitter, the government sought to obtain their records,” as Kim Zetter reports in Wired News:

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