Journal of European Popular Culture – Special Edition on Austerity

However, it is not open access;)

Editorial: Austere cultures/cultures of austerity
Authors:  Dario Llinares, Fiona Philip and Zoë Thompson

Popular culture and anti-austerity protest
Author:  Rebecca Bramall

Nostalgia and Austerity, or, the never-ending dream of excess
Author:  Ross Abbinnett

Precarious objects, precarious lives: Grounded aesthetics in poverty contexts
Authors:  Carla Lunghi And Maria Antonietta Trasforini

Protest and video activism
Author:  Michael Chanan

The health and safety of the fine arts: Austerity, politeness and litigation culture
Author:  Francesco Ventrella

New progressive architecture: Designing for cities in end times
Author:  Krzysztof Nawratek

Saying No!: Profligacy versus austerity, or metaphor against model in justifying the Arts and Humanities in the contemporary university
Author:  Griselda Pollock

A link to the journal is here:,id=2322/

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