Cyberculture roundup: EFF: “Governments Still Present Biggest Threat to Open Internet”…Digital Battles continue over Gaza…


Some Things Never Change: Governments Still Present Biggest Threat to Open Internet

from Updates by Jillian C. York
Some things change, but others stay the same. While the types of threats facing Internet users worldwide have diversified over the past few years, from targeted malware to distributed denial of service attacks, one thing has remained constant: governments seeking to exert control over their populations still remain the biggest threat to the open Internet.

As Ceasefire Looms, Israel-Gaza Conflict Continues on Twitter

from Mashable! by Neha Prakash

Hackers deface Israeli Vice PM?s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog, and claim to have Gmail access

from The Next Web by Emil Protalinski


25 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Gaza-Israel Conflict Updates

by Zoe Fox

Verified Gaza Strike Map Separates Fact From Fiction

by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Anonymous claims to have leaked over 3,000 names, home addresses, and phone numbers of donors supporting Israel

by Joel Falconer

Palestine: Social Media in Conflict, Four Years On

by Jillian C. York
Back in 2008, during Israel’s attack on Gaza that left more than 1,400 (more than 700 of whom were civilians) dead, individuals the world over took to social media to comment on the attacks and the politics behind them.  Twitter, still a young platform at the time, served as the locus for debate, while other platforms including YouTube were used by state and non-state actors alike.  Even the Israeli Consulate of New York managed to get in on the action, hosting a press conference on Twitter.  All of this occurred amidst an Israeli media blackout on Gaza.

German Pirate Party Provokes With ?Pirated? Big Brand Poster Campaign

from TorrentFreak by enigmax
Founded in 2006, the German Pirate Party has enjoyed several successes in its relatively short life. Most notable was its win in the Berlin state parliament elections in 2011 where Pirates picked up 9% of the vote.


Pakistani hackers deface Israeli pages for BBC, Bing, Coke, Groupon, Intel, MSN, Skype, Xbox, more

by Emil Protalinski

New York is beaten by Tel Aviv, LA and Seattle in a new global ranking of the top 20 startup ecosystems

by Martin Bryant

Google announces ?Arabic Web Days?, a month-long initiative to boost Arabic Web content

by Paul Sawers

Facebook: Proposed EU ?right to be forgotten? raises ?major concerns? over freedom of expression online

by Martin Bryant

9 Million Used Facebook 2012 Election App

by The Daily Dot

Megaupload Assisted FBI vs NinjaVideo, But Evidence Then Used Against Them

from TorrentFreak by enigmax

The February 2012 ?Superseding Indictment? document, which lays out the Grand Jury charges against Megaupload, runs to 90-pages long and contains dozens of allegations of illegal behavior against the operators of the now-shuttered file-hosting site.

Content Curation : An Essence of New-Age Digital Marketing

from social media vb by Sandra Morales
Doing an excellent job in content curation entails an understanding of your community and of how to properly use search and publishing tools. Superb content curation is actually a little bit of science and art thrown together, requiring a razor sharp eye and an instinct for thematic material that line up with the know-how of executives, brand qualities and reader interests.

The Life, Death and Rebirth of Adobe Flash

from Mashable! by Christina Warren

How Sexting Can Boost Your Adult Relationship [VIDEO]

from Mashable! by Joann Pan


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