A journalism roundup: Crisis at BBC and more…

BBC needs ?radical overhaul?: chairman

from Hurriyet Daily News
The head of the BBC?s governing body said yesterday the broadcaster needs a radical overhaul following the resignation..

BBC needs to relearn its journalistic ABC

Endless layers of checking by executives and lawyers cannot replace experienced professional judgment, writes Philip Stephens


MAIN FOCUS: BBC mired in abuse scandal | 12/11/2012

from euro|topics

BBC director general George Entwistle resigned on Saturday after only two months in office. Among other things the move was taken in response to false accusations made against a former Tory politician in a news programme. For some commentators the BBC’s eagerness to deal unsparingly with its scandals  testifies to the quality of the broadcaster. Others call for a radical reform of the corporation’s culture.

What we should do about the BBC

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Anthony Barnett

The UK’s greatest cultural institution, the BBC, is appointing a new leader as its management collapses internally. The candidates must share their visions with the public and break the secrecy that bedevills the Corporation. OurBeeb argued for this a few short months ago and was ignored. Now let the change begin!

Cover for the new issue of TIME shot with an iPhone and Hipstamatic

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin


French President Threatens to Make Google Pay for News

from Mashable! by Lauren Indvik

The New York Times is trying to make its mobile apps more than simple containers for news stories

from Nieman Journalism Lab by Justin Ellis


Newspaper Websites With Paywalls Doubled in a Year [INFOGRAPHIC]

from Mashable! by Charlie White

Luring developers into the newsroom: A new class of Knight-Mozilla fellows tries to bridge a cultural divide

from Nieman Journalism Lab by Joshua Benton
The laws of supply and demand are working very differently in two different parts of major newsrooms.
In the United States, at least, there?s a surplus of people who want to make phone calls, ask questions, and write stories. There are more reporters than jobs for reporters, and each new j-school graduating class tips the balance a bit further.

Don’t Just Get Along; Have the Tough Conversations to Make Collaborations Work

from MediaShift
After 16 years of working for and with non-profit organizations and philanthropic foundations, I’ve concluded that social and policy change doesn’t happen without collaboration. Whether it’s a coalition of like-minded organizations, a network of activists organizing in response to an injustice or a meeting between adversaries looking for common ground, collaboration allows us to have a greater impact than going it alone.


Governance and accountability at the BBC: the lessons from the Savile affair

from open Democracy News Analysis – by David Elstein
The Jimmy Savile scandal has illuminated deep cracks in the BBC?s governance. A culture of immunity and blame shifting must now be faced head on for the sake of the victims and the future of the corporation.

Radio Liberty making waves: have no lessons from the past been learnt?

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Kristina Gorelik


Newsweek becomes digital magazine

from Hurriyet Daily News
Venerable US magazine Newsweek announced Thursday its last print edition would be December 31…

Twitter, Facebook, and old new media

from kottke.org by Jason Kottke
Newsweek announced yesterday that the print magazine will cease publication and the entire thing will move to an all-digital format.
Newsweek Global, as the all-digital publication will be named, will be a single, worldwide edition targeted for a highly mobile, opinion-leading audience who want to learn about world events in a sophisticated context. Newsweek Global will be supported by paid subscription and will be available through e-readers for both tablet and the Web, with select content available on The Daily Beast.

Journalists, Twitter Gaffes and Freedom of Expression

from MediaShift
What action should media employers take when one of their journalists crosses the line on Twitter? And what are the implications for freedom of expression when a news organization seeks to sack, or censor, a journalist over an independently published tweet? These are questions I’ve been pondering as I complete my Ph.D. dissertation on the “Twitterization of Journalism,” and as I deliver social media training to journalists in newsrooms around Australia.

We Need a ‘Truth’ Campaign for Digital Literacy and Data Tracking

from MediaShift
Earlier this year, Bill Diggins, a marketing executive at Verizon Wireless, revealed a chilling fact about how much information the company collects about its customers. “We’re able to view just everything that they do,” he told a crowd at the Paley Center in New York. “And that’s really where data is going today. Data is the new oil.”

The New York Times? Chronicle tool explores how language ? and journalism ? has evolved

from Nieman Journalism Lab by Justin Ellis


Tuesday Q&A: Tumblr editor Jessica Bennett on new platforms for news and the rise of the GIF

from Nieman Journalism Lab by Justin Ellis

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