Cyberculture roundup: Between Facebook and Sex, Facebook Wins…

Brands: Apple the biggest winner in 2012, BlackBerry the biggest loser, Google passes Microsoft

Between Facebook and Sex, Facebook Wins

by Sarah Mitroff
You do it in the morning in bed, at night on the couch, and occasionally at work. Turns out, it’s one of the hardest activities to resist. It’s not smoking a cigarette or having sex, it’s getting online to check your Facebook or email.



Study: Twitter, LinkedIn Gaining On Still-Dominant Facebook Among U.S. Work Force

by David Cohen


Facebook and Twitter more tempting than sex: study

from Hurriyet Daily News
A study arousing interest online Friday found that checking Facebook or Twitter is more alluring than sex…


We Use the Internet to Save the Internet: An Interview with Steve Anderson About the Stop the Trap Campaign

by Carolina Rossini and Maira Sutton
While US Trade Representative Ron Kirk, who oversees the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP), continues to declare that the trade negotiations are ?the most open, transparent process ever,? we are confounded as to what he defines to be “open” or “transparent.” They have yet to even provide the public ? civil society organizations and policy makers ? with any official documents relating to the text of the agreement. We are fighting for real transparency, which means access to the current draft documents or country proposals for provisions to into the agreement.


YouTube’s Censorship of Anti-Islam Video Raises Numerous Questions Around Online Free Expression

by Jillian C. York
The reactions over the past week to a video, ‘The Innocence of Muslims’?made by an Egyptian-American Christian and later shown by Egyptian television, sparking riots?have varied wildly. While some governments have banned YouTube (where a trailer of the video remains available) altogether, YouTube chose on its own volition to block access to the video in Egypt and Libya. Other countries have submitted legal requests for YouTube to block the video, to which the company has complied. The fact that the video seems to have been made for the sole purpose of angering Muslims has caused some to ask if it would pass the free speech test in the United States, while others have defended the video as protected speech.

Stop the Next SOPA and CISPA: Register to Vote for Internet Freedom

by Trevor Timm
This November, voters across the United States have an important chance to improve how elected officials approach legislating the Internet. Starting today, a coalition of Internet rights groups are starting a voter registration drive all over the country with the hope of making the voice of the Internet?heard so loudly during the SOPA debate?a permanent stakeholder in the halls of Congress.


An Increasing Internet Culture: Social Media Optimization

by joycearoda

Now days, not only search engine optimization but also social media optimization is gaining popularity to drag more and more people towards the website. With the help of this facility one’s site can gain a good ranking on the search engine. Internet has brought everyone forward and close to each other.

Internet Explorer 8 falls below 25% market share, Firefox 15 passes 10% mark, Chrome loses users

by Emil Protalinski

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