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Erkan?s Field Diary sosyal medya alanında çalışan ajansları tanıtan seriye devam ediyor. adresine logo, iletişim bilgileri, kısa tanıtım, varsa birkaç ekip fotosu gönderirseniz sizin ajansı da bu seriye dahil etmek isteriz? Ya da en azından haberdar ediniz;)

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You see, SesliHarfler is a name that comes from a sentence which clearly points out the problem and the solution for communication sector. Therefore we are providing solutions every place where our name is being pronounced since 2006.

We are not doing a simple business. Our job gets tougher everyday unlike what is being thought. We have not came through from the days where A4 sized designs being sent to digital agencies to the days where the digital ideas became the heart of all the campaings easily. But we have always managed to point down the guns that have been targeted towards our clients with reasonable solutions. We are always proud to offer “the effective solutions at the right time”.

We have always been happier with clients that had not care how many people our crew was but what we have done as an agency. Some of you may think “they are only 10 people or so” after reading the previous sentence. Sorry, but we are 54 people at the moment. Yes, we are a crowd but not just to make a crowd.

You may hear lots about us if you asked here and there. We advise you to make your own decision about us whether you hear good or bad rumours. Because we are a company not to be critisized by others but you.

There is no need to explain any longer. If we are going to explain lots of thing about ourselves then it means we do not have anything else to tell. Last word, if you do feel like you have a gun between your teeth you better do something.

İletişim bilgileri: 

Merkez Mah. Iyiniyet Sk. No: 33 Karper Plaza Kat: 4

Bomonti / Sisli
Istanbul / Turkey

Phone number +90 212 224 73 30
Fax number +90 212 224 73 44


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