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Anthropological Field Research in the Internet Age

from by Tony
Another classic question in the age of the internet: How do indigenous peoples feel about anthropology graduate students doing fieldwork?  Mark Dawson first reported his research about this subject in a classic post here at on April 1, 2007.


Facebook Anthropology ? You Like This ? Friend Request Sent

from Anthropology Report by Jason Antrosio

There is quite a lot of anthropology posted on Facebook. Anthropology Report uses Facebookmostly as a mirror for the blog. Others have interest groups which can feature vibrant comment streams and in-depth conversations?check out BioAnthropology News, the Neuroanthropology Interest Group, and the recently re-formulated Anthropology Now.

Methods to Mind: Long or Short Term Approaches to Ethnographic Research

from by James
The following post from culturnicity got me thinking about the ongoing grudge match between those who demand a year in the field [imagine someone with a long beard in an arm-chair saying “to record a full record of experiences during the ecological annum”] compared to those who are more focused on the content and outcomes of the project.  In Ethnography as participant listening, Forsey drives this point home with the following point:


Neuroanthropology Blog on Facebook ? Shorter Posts, More Fun

from Neuroanthropology by daniel.lende
The Neuroanthropology blog is now on Facebook. Greg and I have the site all set up, and have taken advantage of Facebook as a place to do short posts and pass along interesting links. We hope to continue that trend, where we do quick posts over there and more substantive stuff here on PLOS. We?ve inserted an RSS Facebook feed here, just to the right, so you can see what we are up to over on Facebook.


This Week in Ethnography: Writing Live Fieldnotes With Social Media: Towards a More Open Ethnography | Ethnography Matters

from by James
This Week in Ethnography, the big news was Mitt Romney ?using? the word culture but that news is already very well described by Jason Antrosio.

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