Social Media Day in Istanbul: SOCIAL/IST 2012 Social Media Day @socialistsmday

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SOCIAL/IST 2012 Social Media Day
Triggered by the social media entries, democratic and accessible sphere which enable the individuals to produce content on an equal basis releasing freedom to think. Moreover, the equal representation of thoughts unites the individuals under the identity of digital world citizenship. Organized on a global and digital scale, massive movements such as Arab Spring and Occupy has shown that the social media is a true means of communication and this means may pave the way to an participatory, absolute democracy prototype. Public space activities to be held on SOCIALIST 2012 Social Media Day include an implementation of the virtual prototype aforementioned and offers the global information community to seek the answer in collective mind so that the equal representation of thoughts can correspond to the real life. In other words, extending its boundary to public areas, SOCIALIST 2012 Social Media Day aims to redefine the existing perception of the social media.

Galata Tower Turns Into Twitter
Istanbul will be introduced an unusual, extraordinary public space activity on June 30th, 2012. The Turkey?s largest open air forum will be held in Galata within the scope of SOCIAL/IST 2012 Social Media Day. The forum to be moderated on location of Galata will be virtually participated and followed through all the social media platforms. ?Galata Tower Turns Into Twitter?, interrogating the social media approach fed by the traditional media, offers the social media to produce a unique, sterilized self-produced content. The activity, which is planned to be moderated by journalist Banu
Guven and the ICM?s counter media movement 140journos, will attempt to cover a hot topic not objectively covered by the mainstream media taking up the matter through an understanding of citizen journalism. Throughout the activity, the utopic democracy brought forth by the digital world citizenship thanks to the social media will be modelled by the social media users online. Therefore, the equal right to speech provided by the digital ecosystem will correspond to its daily life counterparts……………..

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