Cyberculture roundup: The Netherlands Passes Net Neutrality Legislation

The Netherlands Passes Net Neutrality Legislation

from Updates by parker
New legislation in the Netherlands makes it the first country in Europe to establish a legal framework supporting net neutrality. In addition to the net neutrality provisions, the law contains language that restricts when ISPs can wiretap their users, and limits the circumstances under which ISPs can cut off a subscriber’s Internet access altogether.

Anonymous releases 1.7GB of data following new Department of Justice hack

from The Next Web by Jon Russell
Hacking group Anonymous has claimed it has grabbed 1.7 GB of data belonging to the US Justice Department, although the US organisation has played down the sensitivity of the haul that was taken from one of its websites.

More Than 40,000 Ultra-Orthodox Jews Hold Rally About Risks of Internet

from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick
More than 40,000 of New York?s ultra-Orthodox Jewish men gathered at Queens? Citi Field and another nearby stadium Sunday evening to discuss the danger the Internet can pose to the moral fabric of their community if it?s used in thoughtless or religiously deviant ways.
Inside the stadium, rabbis led the sold-out crowd in evening prayers and warned of the Internet?s ability to spread ?filth,? such as pornography or hate speech. The rally was sponsored by Ichud Hakehillos Letohar Hamachane, a rabbinical group with ties to a software outlet that makes an Internet filtering app for Orthodox Jews, according toThe New York Times.,,,

File-Sharing Prospers Despite Tougher Laws

from TorrentFreak by enigmax
Most probably due to Sweden?s historic connections with The Pirate Bay, many Swedes consider file-sharing to be an activity deeply embedded in popular culture.
Determined to break the plundering habits of these misguided souls, the US movie and recording industries have continuously meddled in the country, lobbying for tougher responses to file-sharing.

5 Things to Look for When Hiring Social Media Interns

from social media vb by howveryheather
Last year when I started working as a social media manager, I received the opportunity to sign on not one but two interns. And while I?ve already chronicled what it?s like to manage your first set of interns, I haven?t discussed what kind of decision process went into play when it came to hiring them.

Four Reasons Why Google Doesn?t Care If Facebook Wins The Social Media Wars

from All Facebook by Nickolay Lamm

Top Twitter Abbreviations You Need to Know

from social media vb by emoderation
If you tweet for your own business or run a client’s Twitter feed, you need to know the common abbreviations used to save on characters. WTF is an MT or a PRT? (And yes, some are definitely NSFW!) Here’s a handy glossary from eModeration.

Pirate Bay Simplifies Circumvention of ISP Blockades

from TorrentFreak by Ernesto

Within a few days, five of the largest UK Internet providers will all have to censorThe Pirate Bay. Virgin and Orange have already implemented the block and the rest must follow before the end of May.

The Blurring Line Between TV and Web Video

from Mashable! by Adam Ostrow

SOPA fighters handily fund billboard outside Lamar Smith’s office

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

If Path is a ?mini Facebook?, then Hmmm is a ?mini Path?

from The Next Web by Drew Olanoff

Hands-On With, Microsoft?s Social Search Site for Students

from Mashable! by Samantha Murphy

61% of the top 10k sites on the web are served by open source projects Apache and nginx

from The Next Web by Drew Olanoff

Guy Kawasaki Compares Google+ to Apple, Calls it a ?Religious Experience?

from Mashable! by Emily Price

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