[Images added] Galatasaray, champion of Turkish Super League 2012…Fenerbahçe fans clash with Police… Galatasaray Şampiyon…



Fatih Terim and his players…

photos of GS players here.

photos of upset FB players here.


A developing story..


In the mean time:

Fenerbahce fans clash police after Galatasaray clinches Turkish league championship | The Republic

after the game, Fenerbahçe fans clash with police, police uses heavy doses of tear gas:

Images from Twitter:

by Ümit Bektaş

Clashes inside the stadium:

Aysun Çekiç via Twitter

by Orhan Beyazıt at Twitter

@efkinos roni

@Yesil Gazete

A Facebook profile image: “this person is a GS lover”

Taksim Square, celebrating GS victory:

Fatih Terim:


Disappointed Fenerbahçe fans…

A GS fan image…

fans clashed in Mecidiyeköy before the game…

Fenerbahçe fans did not forget their president in jail:

Previously Galatasaray and Panathinaikos fans clashed in Taksim square. I don’t know why…

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Before the game started, police used tear gas in front of the Saraçoğlu Stadium.

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