First Kopimism wedding, US’ “clunky” cyberstrategy and more…

File-Sharing Church Weds First Couple

from TorrentFreak by Ernesto

All around the world file-sharers are being chased by anti-piracy outfits and the authorities. But while copyright holders are often quick to label file-sharers as pirates, there is a large group of people who actually consider copying to be a sacred act.


Kopimism: File-Sharing Religion Takes Root in the U.S.

from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick

Beyond Slacktivism: A Kony 2012 Post-Mortem

from The Meta-Activism Project by Mary C Joyce

The dust has settled on the Kony 2012 campaign. What have we learned?

8 Ways to Get the Biggest Marketing Bang Out of SlideShare

from Mashable! by Joe Chernov

Reddit Co-Founder Won’t Invest in Facebook Because of Stance on #CISPA

from social media vb by MarketMeSuite
In an interview with CNN, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian said he would refuse to buy Facebook stock because of how he views their stance on privacy. ?I?m not planning on it?I understand the business value to what Facebook is doing. We?ve never seen a company like this before?ever. And it knows things about our private lives that no one else does. And one of the big issues that a lot of us in the tech community have had of late has been their support for bills like CISPA that make it really easy for companies like Facebook to hand over private data about us without any due process. So that?s why I?ll be holding off.”

The Pirate Bay Partners With Academic Researchers to Counter Propaganda

from TorrentFreak by Ernesto

The Pirate Bay renamed itself to The Research Bay today for a collaboration with the Cybernorms research group at Lund University.
The notorious BitTorrent site is encouraging visitors to take part in the survey into people?s file-sharing habits and their views on copyright enforcement. The study is a follow up to a similar survey last year, in which 75,000 people from all over the world participated.


Say hello to the new anti-piracy DVD warning ads

from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm


Four Reasons Why I Hate the Term ‘Cloud’

from Wired Top Stories by IBM_ThoughtsOnCloud
By Chris Dotson, IBM I think most readers of this blog probably know there is no single ?cloud.? Saying something is ?on the cloud? is about as specific as saying something is ?on the Internet.? This term isn?t going away ? but that?s okay, because I really like hopeless causes. So, here are some reasons why you

What your smartphone may say about your politics

from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm


FBI Wants Wiretap-Ready Social Networks Soon [VIDEO]

from Mashable! by Sam Laird

The Federal Bureau of Investigation wants to make Facebook and other social networks easier to use for spying on suspected criminals ? and it wants access ASAP.

Leading Senate cybersecurity bill undergoing troubling adaptations in bid to entice votes

from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm

Oracle v. Google and the Dangerous Implications of Treating APIs as Copyrightable

from Updates by julie
There has been no lack of ink spilled on the legal battle between Oracle and Google surrounding Google?s use of Java APIs in its Android OS. And no wonder, what with testimony by both Larrys (Page and Ellison), claims of damages up to $1 billion, and rampant speculation that a ruling in Oracle?s favor could change the way we all use the Internet. Today, we got our first taste of where this all might be heading: the jury came back with a finding that, assuming APIs are subject to copyright, Google has infringed at least some of Oracle’s. But significant outstanding questions remain, including whether copyright can in fact apply (the judge alone will decide this) and whether Google made a legal fair use of those APIs (we believe it did).

Report: Smartphones, Not Computers, Drive the Most Facebook Use

from Wired Top Stories by Alexandra Chang
According to comScore’s new Mobile Metrix 2.0 report released today, Facebook’s mobile usage is on the rise. The report revealed that Facebook users spent more time accessing the social network on a smartphone than on a computer.


12 Key Social Media Takeaways from Top Social Media Experts

from social media vb by bobtripathi
We had over 23 live Social Media training sessions conducted by over 18 leading social media experts. Understandably, there were some pearls of wisdom thrown by all our experts over the course of 6 weeks. So we thought to compile what we thought were 12 key takeaways from our Social Media WebConference event.


A Clunky Cyberstrategy

Rebecca MacKinnon
As the White House sanctions Iran and Syria for using technology to target their citizens, other parts of the U.S. government are driving the development of policies, regulatory norms, and business practices that embolden authoritarian governments to electronically police their populations. Read

10 Things You Didn?t Know About Klout

from Mashable! by Mark Schaefer

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