Cyberculture roundup: Apple and Microsoft seemingly close to pro-CISPA, Uncle Sam?s ?Pirate? Justice,

Apple and Microsoft backed trade group parties to celebrate CISPA?s passage

from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm

Reddit’s TestPAC is campaigning to defeat Lamar Smith, SOPA’s daddy

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

TestPAC, the PAC founded on Reddit to carry on the momentum from the SOPA fight earlier this year, is in the midst of its inaugural campaign: seeking to oust long-term Texas congressman Lamar Smith, who authored the bill and attempted to ram it through his committee without any substantive debate, after taking large campaign contributions from the entertainment industry through several election cycles. Now, TestPAC has “boots on the ground” in Smith’s home district and the campaign is in full swing, and seeking your support:

The Lengthening Arm of Uncle Sam?s ?Pirate? Justice

from TorrentFreak by Myles Peterson

?Because today?s threats do not recognise national boundaries, our responses must also transcend borders,? Ms Napolitano told her hosts in a speech overly dominated by assurances the US would respect the privacy of Australian citizens.


Pirate Bay enjoys 12m extra visitors on day one of court-ordered UK censorship

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow
Several major UK ISPs began blocking requests for The Pirate Bay this week, thanks to a court order coming into effect. The Pirate Bay reports that it saw an extra 12 million visitors on the first day of the block, and is pleased by all the publicity. They offer the following tips for anyone looking to circumvent a national Pirate Bay block. From TorrentFreak:


Is Social Media Really Just Social Surveillance?

from Sysomos Blog by Mark Evans

EU ?not in a hurry? to decide in ?complex? antitrust case against Google: report

from The Next Web by Robin Wauters

30% of UK File-Sharers Intend To Pirate More In The Next 12 Months

from TorrentFreak by enigmax
UK lawfirm Wiggin has delivered its 2012 Digital Entertainment Survey. The study, which polled 2,500 UK respondents representative of the
national demographic, is packed with lots of interesting statistics.


Why Has New York Become a Paradise for Tech Startups?

by Alex Fitzpatrick


Exploration: Digital Media and Social Inequality

from DML Central by wburke

Measuring Social Media Success: Tactical and Strategic

from social media vb by mab397
One of my big pain points at the moment is the confusion of tactical objectives and strategic objectives. A good performing Facebook page is important to achieve a good Edgerank, the algorithm that determines the priority and frequency of your updates to your fans in their news feed. This has given false importance to ?like-baiting?; fluffy messages of ?Happy Friday!? and discussions about the weekend are getting interactions that are being measured with equal importance as key brand or campaign messaging.

FBI Wants Backdoors in Facebook, Skype and Instant Messaging

from Wired Top Stories by Kim Zetter
The FBI has been lobbying top internet companies like Yahoo and Google to support a proposal that would force them to provide backdoors for government surveillance.

Facebook and Google dominate 76% of social logins, according to Janrain study

from The Next Web by Harrison Weber

Flavour Map: A crowdsourced interactive map of tastes from around the world

from The Next Web by Paul Sawers

Google’s fight against ‘extremism’

A new project aims to counter ‘violent extremism’ by connecting former self-identified extremists with ‘at risk’ youths.

Consumer Report reveals privacy concerns on Facebook

from Hurriyet Daily News
Consumer Reports has revealed concerns about privacy practices of Facebook, in which 2,002 online households including 1,340 Facebook users were surveyed.

Fashion blogging is creating a new era of influencers

from The Next Web by Amanda Raye

Digging Deeper: 10 Big Blogging Ideas for 2012

from Pushing Social by Stanford Smith

David Eastman: Top Trends that will Shape Social in 2012

from Social Media Week by Nicky Yates
Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple have all changed the social and digital landscape. CEO of JWT, David Eastman highlights just what these four have excelled at and how they?ve shaped what we do currently. Watch his insights below, and catch our recap of the major trends you need to know:

How do the New Security Features Affect you on Facebook?

from Background Check by Jessica Straight

Internet Society Underscores Importance of World Press Freedom Day

from Internet Society – News Headlines by lia.kiessling
Language English

The open, global Internet fosters freedom of the press and freedom of expression

[Geneva, Switzerland, 03 May 2012] – The Internet Society today joined global celebrations around World Press Freedom Day, which focuses on the fundamental principles of press freedom. The Internet Society is strongly supportive of press freedom, fully recognizing that an open, global, and decentralized Internet is a pillar to enable all voices to be heard.

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