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Turkey too rich to get EU aid: Report

British lawmakers called for tougher standards on the distribution of Europe?s development aid budget after a report released on April 27 revealed more than half went to ?middle-income? countrie

Turkey has been one of the top five recipients of European Commission aid, the report says

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Homeless survivors receive aid after an earthquake in Ercis, Turkey, in October 2011. British MPs have called for tougher standards on the distribution of Europe’s development aid budget after a report revealed more than half went to “middle-income” countries

Biden criticizes EU stance on Turkey

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US Vice President Joe Biden criticized the European Union Friday for not fully embracing Turkey, stressing the “inordinate influence” of a country that is a close American ally.

Turkish soap operas provide chance for dialogue with Arabs

Turkish TV series demonstrate that Turkey has found a balance ..

Would Hollande be better for Turkey?

There is speculation as to whether a victory by François Hollande in the French Presidential elections would be good for Turkey ?

La Turquie vote Hollande

by Acturca
La Tribune (France), no. 4961, vendredi 27 avril 2012, p. 7 Delphine Nerbollier, à Istanbul Les Turcs espèrent ouvertement une défaite du président français sortant, sans se faire d?illusions toutefois sur son concurrent. Egemen Bagis se veut confiant. ?Quels que soient les résultats (de l?élection présidentielle française), je crois que la politique de la France

The trouble with Holland and Hollande

I am sure the Dutch Consul General in Turkey is extremely disappointed.

French candidates draw rebuke from Turkey

from Yahoo news
ANKARA, Turkey, April 25 (UPI) — Turkey has accused French presidential candidates of pandering to the country’s Armenian community by exploiting a World War I event.

If Nicolas Sarkozy loses French presidency, is Turkey the winner?
The National Business News : Sarkozy’s defeat could be pushed forward Turkey’s EU application, say analysts

US eyes best possible Turkey-Israel ties

The United States wants to see the best possible relationship between Turkey and Israel, Washington?s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan said April 23.

Turkey?s EU minister slams Europe politicians

European Union Minister Egemen Bağış criticized some European politicians saying they had ?mental disabilities? and reiterated his stance on defending Turkey?s rights despite them.

Turkey?s civilian rule move gets EU praise

EU welcomes the Turkish government?s efforts to end the age of military tutelage and consolidate civilian rule over the country, the union?s top envoy to Turkey has said.

The rise of Turkey as a superpower

by Acturca
The Boston Globe (USA) April 27, 2012, p. A15 By Nicholas Burns * When the Cold War ended, more than a few European and American officials predicted that Turkey would decline rapidly in geopolitical significance. Without the Soviet threat, they said, Turkey?s role as a bulwark against communist expansion was finished and it was destined

Cyprus: What is a comprehensive settlement? (1)

As the Cyprus talks apparently land at yet another standstill, it is high time to look into what the parameters are that …

Failing to join EU is ?not the end of the world,? Turkish Parliament speaker says

from Hurriyet Daily News
If Turkey failed to become a full member of the European Union, it would not be ?the end of the world,? Parliament Speaker Cemil Çiçek told Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Tapani Katainen.

Une riche expérience d?intégration

by Acturca

Sud Ouest (France) 24 avril 2012, p. Saintes ~ Saint-Jean-d?Angély-C2_11 Saint-Jean-d?Angély Service Volontaire Européen. En résidence au Centre de culture européenne, le Turc Ozgür Yildiz a évoqué son parcours devant les élèves du lycée Audouin-Dubreuil. En résidence ? depuis mai 2011 ? au Centre de culture européenne, Ozgür Yildiz a rencontré des étudiants en classe

Turkey?s European Union membership or benefiting losers

by Acturca (Azerbaijan) April 16, 2012 This year April 14 marks 25 years of Turkey?s official application for the European Union membership. Over this period 15 new members joined the organization, 4 countries became candidates and candidacy of 4 more countries came up on agenda.   Today Turkey?s European Union membership constitutes a cornerstone of discussions

Turkey?s battle to join the EU

by Acturca

The Times (Malta) Tuesday, April 24, 2012, p. 1-7 by Kurt Sansone Turkey?s attempt to join the EU has stalled at the negotiation stage. Kurt Sansone tries to understand the difficulties between the country ?where the sun sets? and Europe. Tracing back the mythological origins of the word Europe is an unlikely political pitch to

US, Turkey and Iraqi Kurds join hands

by Acturca

Asia Times Online (Hong Kong) April 24, 2012 By M K Bhadrakumar * There was something very odd when Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Friday that Turkey was becoming a ?hostile state? in the region. After all, Baghdad is supposed to be the ?soul? of the Arab world and Turkey is supposed to

Turkey?s Syrian Dilemma

by Acturca

The European Magazine (Germany) 25.04.2012                                 Türkçe by Gareth Jenkins * The Syrian crisis has thrown a wrench into Turkey?s regional ambitions ? as long as Assad defies the international community, the country?s foreign policy will remain paralyzed. As the world waits to see if the UN-brokered ceasefire in Syria will hold, there are probably some

Turkey?s Strategy

by Acturca
Stratfor (USA) April 17, 2012 By George Friedman Turkey is re-emerging as a significant regional power. In some sense, it is in the process of returning to its position prior to World War I when it was the seat of the Ottoman Empire. But while the Ottoman parallel has superficial value in understanding the situation,

Shadow force grows in Turkey

by Acturca
International Herald Tribune (USA) Wednesday, April 18, 2012, p. 1 By Dan Bilefsky And Sebnem Arsu, Istanbul When Ahmet Sik was jailed last year on charges of plotting to overthrow the government, he had little doubt that a secretive movement linked to a reclusive imam living in the United States was behind his arrest

Des Grecs tentent leur chance en Turquie

by Acturca
La Croix (France) no. 39256, jeudi 19 avril 2012, p. 8 Delphine Nerbollier, Istanbul, de notre correspondante L?essor économique du grand voisin turc commence à attirer des Grecs fuyant la crise. Malgré leurs pommes de discorde historiques, les deux pays entretiennent aujourd?hui des relations apaisées. Antigone n?en revient pas d?avoir posé ses valises à Istanbul.

Rising Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean: Implications for Turkish Foreign Policy

by Acturca
IAI Working Papers (Istituto Affari Internazionali) 12/4, March 2012, 14 p. Ebru Oğurlu * Over the last few years, the Eastern Mediterranean has been increasingly fraught with growing competition between regional players, most notably Turkey, Cyprus, and Israel, signalling an apparent return of power politics in regional relations. Of all actors involved, Turkey stands ou

Le Tour de Turquie prend de la hauteur

by Acturca
Agence France Presse Vendredi 20 avril 2012, Istanbul Pour sa 48e édition, le Tour de Turquie cycliste, qui débute dimanche à Alanya (sud), part à la découverte de la montagne et change de sens pour un finish en beauté à Istanbul. Traditionnel rendez-vous de sprinteurs, pour une mise en jambes avant les échéances estivales, le

Military expenditure ? Turkey

by Acturca
SIPRI Yearbook 2011 (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) 2011 Chapter 4. Military expenditure, pp. 173-176 Sam Perlo-Freeman, Julian Cooper, Olawale Ismail, Elisabeth Sköns and Carina Solmirano * While the United States has led the global rise in military spending over the past decade, this trend has been followed by many emerging (or re-emerging) regional powers such

Turkey Divided Over New Defense Strategy

by Acturca
Foreign Policy Journal (USA) April 20, 2012 by Alakbar Raufoglu * For decades, Turkey?s defense prowess has rested on continuous technological innovation and maintaining a well-calibrated web of relations in NATO and the neighboring regions. Now, as the country faces an array of security threats, from domestic PKK terror to the outcome of Iran?s anger

The EU-Turkey Customs Union: A Model for Future Euro-Med Integration

by Acturca
MEDPRO Technical Report, No. 9, March 2012, 26 p. Sübidey Togan * This paper studying the 1995 EU-Turkey Customs Union (CU) reveals that the CU has been a major instrument of integration of the Turkish economy into the EU and global markets, offering powerful tools to reform the Turkish economy. Turkish producers of industrial goods

Turkey and the EU: A play in search of a script

by Acturca
EuropEos Commentary, No. 5, 28 September 2010, 4 p. Riccardo Perissich * This Commentary warns that by continuing to act as if Turkey?s membership of the EU was still a credible prospect, the EU is dodging the critical issue of how to establish friendly and constructive relations with an independent, self-confident Turkey. More importantly, this

Turkish politics and the fading magic of EU enlargement

by Acturca
Policy Brief (Centre for European Reform ? UK) 7 September 2010, 5 p Sinan Ulgen * Open hostility towards Turkish accession in some EU countries has made it hard for Turkish politicians to continue preparing the country for membership. But, as Sinan Ulgen explains in this policy brief, there are other reasons why Turkey?s pro-EU

Turkey?s economic contribution overlooked by the EU

by Acturca (Belgium) 18 April 2012 Selim Kuneralp * On the Road to EU Membership: The Economic Transformation of Turkey. By Selen Sarisoy Guerin and Yannis Stivachtis (eds.). VUBPress; 302 pages; ?37.74 (excl. VAT and shipping) at This well-researched book should be read by anyone who is interested in the frequently ignored economic aspects of


GLORIA Center (blog)

By Younkyoo Kim and Stephen Blank April 23, 2012 Since the early 1990s, Turkey and Russia’s strategic outlooks have gradually been converging. The two countries have incrementally shed their mutual apprehensions and started a comprehensive and


President Dmitry Medvedev, Russia and PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey

The Cutting Edge

Much has been written about the strategic convergence of Russo-Turkish relations and contributing factors behind it. In contrast to Turkey’s strained relations with its traditional Western partners, Ankara’s ties with Moscow have noticeably

Turkey?s Strategic Visions and Syria

by Acturca
Today?s Zaman (Turkey) 30 April 2012, p. 15 Ömer Taspinar  Where does Turkey?s Syria policy fit in the larger framework of Turkish grand strategy? To answer this question one has to first look at the three strategic visions that have been driving Turkish foreign policy in the last few decades. As I previously outlined in

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