Corruption has no boundaries… It seems that #matchfixingislegalinturkey in Turkey. Time for #UEFAbanturkey …

Such mess Turkish authorities create. Such corruption. Such incapable leaders for Turkish football… Please dear UEFA intervene and banish’em’all…

Demirören tarihi kararları açıkladı

Yıldırım Demirören, the worst president ever seen in Beşiktaş history, now is the head of Turkish Football Federation. Any justice in life? 

Turkey eases penalty for attempted match-fixing

from Yahoo news
Turkish soccer clubs caught trying to fix matches but where the outcome of the game is not affected will no longer face relegation, the football federation said on Monday, drawing criticism from league leaders Galatasaray.

Turkey’s match-fixing case killed, buried

The fact that Fenerbahçe?s withdrawal of its appeal ‘coincided’ with the conclusion of the Turkish Football Federation?s (TFF) Ethics Committee report fuels doubts that the match-fixing case is set to be closed by backroom deals.

No match fixing on the pitch, Demiroren, head of Turkish Football Federation says
National Turk English
Antalya, Turkey / NationalTurk ? Holding a press conference in Antalya on Monday morning, Turkish Football Federation (TFF) chairman Yıldırım Demirören, who was president of Besiktas only 2 months ago, stated that match-fixing alleged to have taken

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