İstanbul’da kar. 16 Ocak öğleden sonrası… [Snow in Istanbul, 16 Jan afternoon]

Cyberculture roundup: first in-depth study of mobile giving; google’s plus your world; social media tips…

Facebook Spam and Cybercrime on the Rise: How You Can Avoid It [INFOGRAPHIC] by Joann Pan Just how much cybercrime happens on Facebook? About 4 million Facebook users experience spam on a daily basis, 20% of Facebook users have been exposed to malware, and Facebook sees about 600,000 cases of hijacked log-ins every day. Berkman … Read more

Towards Jan. 18: Netizens against Internet enemies. SOPA roundup

check out: check out: The Internet Goes to Washington on January 18 from Updates by parker Security Experts and Tech Investors Scheduled to Testify; Worldwide Internet Protest Gathering There?s some good news in the efforts to stop the Internet blacklist bills (SOPA/PIPA): Representative Darrell Issa, an outspoken SOPA critic and the author of alternative … Read more

Mr. Sarkozy begins the week with a downgraded country rating… A Eurosphere roundup

France top AAA credit rating lost from BBC News | Europe | World Edition France loses a top AAA credit rating as nine eurozone governments are downgraded by Standard & Poor’s prompting markets to fall. Sarkozy braced for political impact of downgrade from – World, Europe There is no escaping the stigma of France … Read more

Beşiktaş 3- Bursapor 1; maçın Twitter hikayesi…

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