Erkan 15 Eylül’de “Pecha Kucha Night Istanbul Vol.11’de konuşmacılardan biri olacak… yapılacak etkinliğin teması Oyunlar ve Politika olacak. Ben son konuşmacı olarak internet ve siyaset üzerine bir sunum yapacağım…

Etkinliğin ana sayfası burada.

İngilizce tanıtım şöyle:

On September 15, 2011, Pecha Kucha Night Istanbul will be on stage 11th time. Theme of the Night, ‘Who Rules the World? Games and Politics’ is chosen because Pecha Kucha Night Istanbul will be co-acting with two headline events in September.
Long-waited IFCA 12 Istanbul Biennial is ?Untitled? in 2011 but with a broad subtitle. Istanbul Biennial, as well as formally innovative and politically outspoken, this time focusing on works of art those examine the relationship between art and politics. The main source of inspiration for artistic production of the Biennial is a Cuban-American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957-1996) and his works. ‘Pecha Kucha Night Istanbul Vol. 11 will be one of the opening activities of the Biennial.
In the same period, Pecha Kucha Night Istanbul Venue, Building Information Center will be hosting a dazzling exhibition. Space Invaders: Video Game Art and Environment. Pecha Kucha Night Istanbul will invite artists from this exhibition to speak about backstage of production of video and console games.
Pecha Kucha Night Istanbul audience is ready to meet and greet gamers ruling the world and rulers playing games on the very same stage on September 15. Stay tuned!

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