On the road. From İstanbul to Bandırma and to Bursa… Some thoughts on the way…

I have yet started another trip. Not a road trip though. I took the IDO ferry from Istanbul to Bandırma. I have met friends in Bandırma, spent lots of time in several cafes and in the evening we went to Erdek as most Bandırma residents do. Erdek is a lovely  seaside town half an hour away from Bandırma. IDO ferries are great tools to shorten distances. They are modern, luxurious, comfortable. But passengers are not. I wasn’t too annoyed but still for a 2-hour journey i would expect less strolling and more sitting (!). People are just walking around crazily. And there are kids, babies, children. There is a room for them but families do not seem to care and keep their kids with them. So there is too much kids crying, running, shouting.. Don’t get me wrong, I like kids a lot but i feel like families impose their order to all of us. As if it is just natural to put up with their shit.

On Monday morning I am heading to Bursa. This is a university business. I am one of three jury members to conduct an exam for applicants to a college there for teaching positions. I don’t know exactly how I ended up in this, but our Bilgi University has some relations with that college. So here I am. I have been to Bursa several times, but i guess i haven’t been here for a long time. I don’t even remember the last time… I decided today to go to Bodrum from Bursa. Not definite yet though… I am just bored to be in Istanbul.

As usual, every time I decide to leave Istanbul there is some heart brokenness and on the way I am excited to make new plans, to form to do lists to sooth my anxieties. In the mean time, I think of a woman who told me that she won’t date with me because we cannot communicate enough. I would definitely be less upset because of some other reasons: I never imagined myself very intelligent, or I am not that handsome, i have a growing belly, I am not religious enough for some, and much religious for some- just because I am fasting- blah blah blah.. But i thought I was communicative enough… Anyway, something that makes me upset,but i will survive, indeed i always survive…

While I was busy with my personal anxieties, PM Erdoğan announced bid to host 2020 Olympics with yet another grandiose manner.   Luxurious iftars spark Ramadan inequality rowbut dudes this is the thing of the newly rising classes. Did they every care about inequality. If they really cared about that before focusing on the Aid to Somalia, they would care about Kurdish lands. In the mean time,  Three more soldiers killed in ambush in SE Turkey that triggers ridiculous social media reactions even among people I thought to be sensible.Finally, Finally, the Karayılan case. Turkey and Iran seems to be playing a game here. But it looks like just too oriental. is he captured or not. The Iranian minister plays language games. let’s see what happens…

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