Turkish angle in London riots… and more…


via @yassin Turks in Tottenham chasing looters…

There is still something annoying about this. I don’t know what exactly… remembering the fact that during the Spanish Civil War, those few Turks who fought there were pro-Franco…


Another photo of Turks from Hürriyet.


a relevant book:
An anthropological take on French riots in 2006.

London Riots: Shop-owners defend their businesses in east London – video
John Domokos stands with Turkish shop owners amid disturbances on Kingsland Road in east London

Panic on the streets of London.

Vigilante groups aim to combat riots
Shop owners across London vowed tonight to do whatever it takes to protect their businesses as anger over the police’s inability to stop widespread looting pushes them towards setting up their own neighbourhood vigilante groups.

Anarchists are under attack because their ideas are gaining ground, Alasdair Thompson

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Alasdair Thompson
The London Metropolitan Police have withdrawn an appeal to the public to ‘report anarchists’. This incident is part of a state offensive against anarchism, driven by the fear that anarchist ideas are gaining ground amongst the younger generation in the UK

The last time Tottenham burned; the local MP Bernie Grant supported the local people and said “what they [police] got was a bloody good hiding.” How times change.

from ORGANIZED RAGE by Mick Hall

The last time Tottenham burned, the local Labour Party was quick to takes sides. ?The police were to blame for what happened,? announced council leader and later MP Bernie Grant. ?And what they got was a bloody good hiding?.

Panic on the streets of London, Laurie Penny


London Riots: Social Media Mobilizes Riot Cleanup

United Kingdom: Time for #RiotCleanup in London?

United Kingdom: London Burning (Videos)

Nosemonkey: Pretty much my thinking on London riot motives: RT @bensixesq: New: Rioting As Fun…http://bit.ly/qLHyLU

Looting spreads after London riot

…across London in a second night of looting and disorder following riots in Tottenham.
from BBC News | Europe | World Edition – Aug 8, 2011

UK riot blamed on outsiders

…of the riot that happened on Tottenham High Road in north London last night after a march to protest the killing of a local 29-year-old black man, Mark Duggan, who was shot by police marksmen on Thursday evening, has followed a predictable pattern. Burnt out cars lie in the road after riots on Tottenham High Road on August 7, 2011 in London. (P…
from anthropologyworks

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