Man Booker Prizer 2011 longlist announced and more…

Longlist for Man Booker Prizer 2011 Announced

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Born in Europe: The Ph.D.: Are Doctoral Dissertations a Waste of Time? PhDs as Cheap Labor: The Economist Analyzes The Disposable Academic

from EU Pundit by Andis Kaulins
A recent article at the Economist, Doctoral degrees: The disposable academic, alerts us to the fact that:
“PhD students are cheap, highly motivated and disposable labour.”
That knowledge was confirmed already 10 years ago by Chris M. Golde and Timothy M. Dore in At Cross Purposes: What the experiences of today’s doctoral students reveal about doctoral education.

There is no doubt: the value of PhD programs and dissertations is questionable and greatly in need of reform.

What has happened to the academic doctorate in our day in age, and is “doctoral research” largely a waste of time?

A free online version of Stanford University’s introduction to artificial intelligence

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Between 26 September and 16 December, with 10 hours study needed per week, Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig will teach a of the “standard” Stanford University “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence”.

Previously Unpublished Yeats Play Now Available Online

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A previously unpublished play, “Love and Death,” by W.B. Yeats has been published online. University Libraries, Boston College provided the digitization. The transcription was prepared by Dathalinn M. O’Dea, Boston College.

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