2 more features on Media Freedom in Turkey…

FEATURE-Jailed journalists write for freedom in Turkey


Many of those are for articles about the alleged anti-government plots of the shadowy “Ergenekon” network since the investigation was launched four years ago. Some 2000 cases have been opened against reporters. Well known journalist Ahmet Slk was….

Mission Journal: Media under growing pressure in Turkey

CPJ Press Freedom Online (blog)

Chief prosecutor Zekeriya Öz said the journalists were held not because of their journalism but based on evidence that cannot be published because of the confidentiality of an ongoing investigation into the “Ergenekon” conspiracy….

And in other bad news:

Another Mass Grave in Van – Waste Dumped on Grave in Bitlis

A mass grave supposedly containing the bodies of 28 PKK members dating back to 1998 was found in Çatak/Van. In Mutki/Bitlis, the municipality dumped rubbish on an area with several mass graves.

Roth not Allowed to Meet Detained Journalists Şık and Şener

Claudia Roth, Co-chair of the German Green Party and member of the EU Greens, was not permitted to visit detained journalists Şık and Şener in prison. Roth argued, “If a friend is treated like this, how are enemies being treated I wonder”.

Mass Graves – “Independent Commission a Must”

After the conference on “Facts about Mass Graves in Turkey in Diyarbakır, the ‘Final Report on Mass Graves’ was announced in Kasaplar Deresi.

Hrant Dink Murder Trial – Summary of Discrepancies

One day after the conviction of Ogün Samast, who was sentenced for the murder of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, joint attorney Çetin gave an extensive insight into the deficiencies and negligence the plaintiff party observed during in the course of the trial.

Ergenekon killed Dink
Today’s Zaman
Ergenekon committed the Dink murder. The goals of the Ergenekon gang were to destroy the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) rule and the Gülen movement. Dink’s murder may be the peak in a planned process. The secret of these incidents actually ..

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