Google+ roundup. Part V

Google+ iPhone App Now Available

by Christina Warren

Google+ Approaches 18 Million Users [REPORT]

by Ben Parr

Google+ Won’t Kill Facebook or Twitter, Google Has a Bigger Agenda

from social media vb by RickLiebling

5 Ways Journalists Are Using Google+

by Meghan Peters

New Directory Makes It Easy To Find Public Google+ Hangouts

by Todd Wasserman

HOW TO: Make RSS Feeds for Google+ Profiles

by Emily Banks

Google To Launch Verified Google+ Accounts for Celebs [REPORT]

by Stan Schroeder

REPORT: How Google Plus Stacks Up Against Facebook

by Jackie Cohen

Facebook Employees Flock To Google Plus

by Ruth Manuel-Logan

Google+: The Numbers Driving Its Growth [STATS]

by Ben Parr

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