Anonymous expected to attack tomorrow at 6 pm #operationturkey

Pirate Party of Turkey issued a communique (in Turkish) in which it supports the Anonymous attack. Turkish officials are reported to increase web security measures.


Internet activist group warns Turkish government about censorship

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ISTANBUL- Daily News with wires

Anonymous, an online activist group consisting of anonymous members from all over the world, has warned the Turkish government of action against it ahead of the implementation of a planned Internet filter.

Internet in Turkey: Central filtering system introduced by BTK

from Yeni Medya by binark

From Ankara to Istanbul, and in numerous cities in between this past Sunday, thousands of citizens took to the streets in protest of proposed new internet filters. In Istanbul?s Taksim Square alone, more than 50,000 people, largely organised on social networks, gathered in protest. More than 600,000 people joined a Facebook page called ?Internetime Dokunma!? or ?Don?t Touch My Internet!?


Turkish opposition promises to remove Internet access restrictions

by ANKARA ? Hürriyet Daily News

The main opposition has pledged to remove all restrictions on Internet access and make it cheaper, criticizing the ruling party’s plans to impose more control.

Play it again, Halıcı

by HDN

With the CHP failing to protest Internet censorship, the AKP’s Binali Yıldırım can do as he pleases.

Internet filter not restrictive, Turkish president says

Hürriyet Daily News

New regulations that will increasingly filter the Internet in Turkey will not restrict anyone?s free access to the web, Turkish President Abdullah Gül has said.

Turkey defends Internet filtering plans

from Yahoo news

Turkey’s government has defended a new regulation that will filter the Internet and restrict access to websites that show pornography, bomb-making and violent content.

Turkish deputy PM defends stance on Internet filtering

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ANKARA – Anatolia News Agency

Deputy PM Arınç defended his harsh words for the head of a top Turkish business group, accusing her Tuesday of ‘fishing’ for an excuse to slam the government.


“Decision for Internet Filter Should be Withdrawn Immediately”

from Bianet :: English

Massive criticism on the internet filter system to be enforced on 22 August was voiced in a meeting on the matter at Bilgi University on 25 May. The participants demanded to withdraw the decision.

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