Istanbul just had [felt] an earthquake..sort of powerful…

Well, our building has not collapsed but shaken well… MAP 6.0 2011/05/19 20:15:24 39.115 29.124 4.6 WESTERN TURKEY The quake center was not near Istanbul, but it was felt powerfully… here comes an Istanbul news roundup:) ******************************************* Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, seen here in March 2011, has announced plans to build two new … Read more

Erkan proudly announces: Ushahidi in Turkish (Seçim Takip)

[that’s why there is not much posting in the blog recently] My MA course, Issues in Cyberculture Studies (MED 512) is about to give fruit! We have just launched an election monitoring project that is based on the well known Ushahidi software.  We had been working on the Turkish version of this open source software … Read more

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