Sevcan Çelik: 14th Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival to be held in Ankara…

This year; 14. Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival will be done between 5-12 May.

And the topic will be ?Power??

The festival will be hosted in Ankara. Here is the schedule:

5-12 May –  at Kızılırmak Cinema and Goethe Institut.

9-12 May –  at Hacettepe, Ankara and Middle East Technical University.


You can check the film list here;


Also follow the event from facebook


and from twitter!/ucansupurgekff


They put a question mark after the word ?power?. Because they will seach and measure the power with many questions.


Power? But;

What is it?

How it works?

Who will have?


Have a nice festival Ankara!

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