Ergenekon Prosecutor Öz replaced, and i couldn’t figure out what this really means…

I think in the final analysis this is a face saving operation. Journalists’ arrest did not do good for the Ergenekon Case. Mr. Öz will still be around though he was a bit under pressure. Now new prosecutors to energize the process…

Ergenekon Prosecutor Öz removed from case in reassignment

by ISTANBUL – Daily News with Wires
Top Ergenekon prosecutor Zekeriya Öz has been removed from the coup-plot case and reassigned following a series of new appointments announced Wednesday.

Zekeriya Öz Deposed as Special Authority Prosecutor

from Bianet :: English
Prosecutor Zekeriya Öz, previously running the Ergenekon investigation, was now appointed as Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor of Istanbul. According to a decree of the HSYK, the positions of 128 judges and prosecutors were changed.

Reasons behind Öz?s replacement

In a move that surprised many, the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) announced on Wednesday that it had appointed İstanbul specially authorized prosecutor Zekeriya Öz, who was also the chief prosecutor overseeing the ongoing Ergenekon investigation, as the İstanbul deputy chief public prosecutor.

Thank you, prosecutor Öz

And so in the end, the Ahmet Şık earthquake eliminated prosecutor Zekeriya Öz from his post.

Why was the Ergenekon prosecutor replaced?

The Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) made a very fine adjustment and ?promoted? Ergenekon prosecutor Zekeriya Öz due to his courageous and determined work.

Turning point for Ergenekon?

A recent shuffle of special prosecutors in İstanbul marks a critical point in the future course of trials such as Ergenekon and the investigation of the massacre of Christian missionaries in Malatya.

Post-Ergenekon strategy

One of the critical turning points in the Ergenekon case was the detention of 102 active duty and retired members of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). The military had tried very hard to obstruct the process but failed.

The Öz [essence] of the issue

The most unfortunate thing for Ergenekon prosecutor Zekeriya Öz is the paranoid skepticism about the Ergenekon investigation.

Turkish gov’t furious over Ergenekon prosecutor’s reassignment

by ANKARA – Hürriyet Daily News
Members of Turkey’s ruling party have criticized the reassignment of Ergenekon prosecutor Zekeriya Öz, expressing concerns about the future of the case.


Ergenekon prosecutor Öz becomes Er-GONE-kon in Turkey

by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
Top Ergenekon prosecutor Zekeriya Öz has been removed from the coup-plot case in what observers characterized as both a promotion and a punishment.

Zirve as litmus test for Ergenekon

The Taraf newspaper has been publishing WikiLeaks disclosures that decode how the United States of America perceived Turkey between 2000 and 2010.

Estrangement bad for Turkey and especially for the EU

I was in Brussels when the news broke that prosecutor Zekeriya Öz who, for the first time ever in Turkish history dared to start judicial investigations into alleged military coup plans, was taken away from his job by promotion to a higher position.

Ergenekon case and some lies

Since the beginning of the Ergenekon investigation there has been an intense propaganda war against the case. Some arguments may be changing, but some strategies and tactics have never changed.


BİA 2010 Media Monitoring Report: Defendants Name by Name

Read here a list of journalists, writers, politicians and media institutions that were tried in 2010 on charges related to freedom of thought and expression. This list was compiled according to the annual report of 2010 prepared by the BİA Media Monitoring Desk.

Wikileaks Turkey (1): an X-ray of the ?deep state?

It is Nov. 29, 2002. Three weeks after a sweeping election victory, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government is for the first time eye-to-eye with the military top command at a regular National Security Council (MGK) meeting. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is still out of politics. Abdullah Gül is the prime minister.


WikiLeaks Turkey (2): An X-Ray of the ?deep state?

The most resistant structure of a secretive ?state within? in the post-Cold War era proved to be the one that belonged to Turkey. There was a specific reason for that.


What is behind Şık?s book

A police raid on the offices of a publishing house and the headquarters of the Radikal daily last week as well as the police seizure of an unpublished book by a journalist have led to mixed reactions in Turkey.


Alevis not satisfied with Turksih government’s Alevi report

by ANKARA Hürriyet Daily News
Alevi organizations in Turkey have expressed dissatisfaction over the final report prepared by the government after a series of government-led Alevi workshops.

Watchdog worried more Turkish reporters could face jail

Journalists’ arrests fuel concerns over Turkish press freedom | Europe | Deutsche Welle | 05.04.2011

Turkish authorities launch raids to censor book before publication

from World news: Turkey |

Investigative journalist Ahmet Sik sees his Army of the Imam seized in court-ordered ‘Operation Delete’

Publishers in Turkey are often in court, but for the first time the authorities have censored a book that is not even finished. On 24 March police launched a series of raids on newspapers, publishers and even cells at Silivri prison in an attempt to pick up drafts of The Army of the Imam, a book the investigative journalist Ahmet Sik had nearly finished when he was taken into custody in early March.


Hrant Dink shooter blames Turkish media for his actions – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review


Confessions of Dink?s murderer

by Okay Gönensin Vatan
The murderer of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink read a letter in the latest hearing of the case at an İstanbul court. The letter was well written, impossible for such an uneducated murderer.


Turkey: Kurdish Party Calls for Tahrir-Style Civil Disobedience Campaign |

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