Erkan’s Field Diary presents: The One Millionth Visit Party #efdparty

designed by Yıldız Asımoğlu

My dear readers,

Now that our poster is ready, I hereby announce the party to celebrate the one million visits Erkan’s Field Diary had since June 2005. Yes, I know, we haven’t reached the 1 million visits yet but we are close;)

A dear friend and contributor, Ümit Bektaş, a professional organizer, had persuaded me to organize the party and he is involved with most of the technicalities of the event.

Another dear friend and contributor, Sevcan Çelik is in charge of the first part of the party: A speed networking session while blogger DJs play. Multiauthored blogs and Social Media agencies will have tables in the 2-hour session. After that it will all about be music and drinking!

Another dear friend, Yıldız Asımoğlu has designed our party poster and she is working on some other goodies;)

There will be others involved and I will update this post frequently in the next days.

And some technicalities:

The party is on 26 February, starts at 20.00 in garajistanbul.

Facebook event page here. Click and participate;)

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