PRI reports the obvious: “Istanbul’s world heritage sites in neglect

Istanbul’s world heritage sites in neglect

PRI’s The World
It was no real surprise, perhaps ? Istanbul is an archaeological treasure trove, with historic sites from the Hippodrome of Byzantine times to the Ottoma

Transport takes lion’s share of İstanbul Municipality budget
Today’s Zaman
The İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, led by Mayor Kadir Topbaş, has released a booklet outlining investments made in the city since 2004, when the mayor

Beyoglu To Become Clubbing Theme Park?

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White

A controversial reconstruction plan to redevelop central Beyoğlu has been approved. The plan foresees a number of big changes, including creating pedestrian zones, turning neighborhoods into commercial areas, and building big parking garages. The big question is what will happen to the people who live there once it is turned into an all-night party zone.  The report considers Beyoglu district one of Istanbul?s most ?tourist-oriented and historic? areas, but my impression is that tourists tend to congregate in Sultanahmet; some come up to Istiklal Boulevard, but there is little local color for them now, mostly just chain stores. Tourists frequent the bars and clubs in the side streets, but that is hardly an appreciation of Beyoglu?s ?historic? qualities.

Central Istanbul’s Tünel celebrates 136th anniversary

Hürriyet Daily News
To mark the 136th anniversary of the establishment of the Tünel in central Istanbul, a French book from 1876 about the construction of the pedestrian project has been translated into Turkish.

The murder of İstanbul

If a city could weep, İstanbul would have wet shoes. It has been a week that should demoralize us all — and it is not even Friday. Tuesday was the worst. There were two meetings in different parts of the city, either one of which would have been enough to prompt even the maniacally cheerful to stick their heads in the gas oven of despair.

Place-hacking İstanbul

from İstanbul Altı by Asher

With the danger of showing how far behind I am by linking to ?Year in Review? articles, these Year in Review articles really need to be seen.

Your Right to the City at Santralistanbul

from İstanbul Altı by Asher

Sherri Cohen is a Fulbright English Teacher, Philadelphian, and all around awesome girl with great taste in music. Ms. Cohen clearly did not write this biography. She wrote this, and will hopefully be writing more here in the future.?

Santralistanbul, arguably the freshest addition to Istanbul?s museum scene, debuted an ambitious and comprehensive look at the city last September with ?Istanbul: 1910-2010: The City, Built Environment, and Architectural Culture Exhibition.?  The exhibit analyzes the effects of Turkey?s economic policies and increasing global presence on Istanbul?s built environment over the century.  With maps, video, and in-depth analytical text (in Turkish and English!) spread across three floors, ?Istanbul: 1910-2010? was the intellectual equivalent of Ben & Jerry?s Vermonster: tempting, satisfying, but overwhelming.  By the time I reached 1950 (about 10 scoops in), I was suffering intense brain freeze.  So when I read that the 1950-2010 section?s run had been extended, I jumped at the chance for a closer look at the explosive growth of the city post-World War II.

Techno center in Istanbul aims to generate $5 billion annually
Hurriyet Daily News
The Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce are preparing to launch a technopark project

Istanbul’s Beyoğlu adopts transformation plan
Hurriyet Daily News
A controversial reconstruction plan to redevelop central Beyoğlu, one of Istanbul’s most tourist-oriented and historical districts, has been approved after

No bridging fight over Istanbul’s Golden Horn
Hurriyet Daily News
The controversy that has delayed construction of a new bridge over Istanbul’s famous Golden Horn shows no sign of abating, with the plans, intended to ease

Istanbul residents keeping watch on Beyazıt Tower for weather updates

The first fire pump in Istanbul was built in the 18th century, but the most effective tool in the fight against the city?s devastating blazes was the Beyazıt Fire Tower, constructed in 1828. The tower is no longer used for fire watching, but residents can turn to it to learn the next day?s weather thanks to a forecast system using colored lights

Experts call for debate before changing Istanbul’s Taksim Square
Hurriyet Daily News
Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş’s recently announced plans to pedestrianize the city’s central Taksim Square are lacking in specifics and should have been

Are some İstanbul neighborhoods becoming commuter towns?
Today’s Zaman
Real estate experts are warning that some neighborhoods in İstanbul, where new construction projects are being launched with each and every passing day,

Istanbul Earthquakes

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali

Turkey located on earthquake faults has had many earthquakes throughout the history. Below is the latest big earthquakes happened in/around Istanbul:
Istanbul lore finds its way into new volume
Hurriyet Daily News
Like every city in the world, Istanbul has its healthy share of urban legends. Now, many lesser-known stories on Istanbul have been gathered into one book

The first part of the glossary is up!

from Tarlabaşı Istanbul by Constanze

In the glossary, you will be able to find more detailed information on institutions, terms and concepts that are specific to urban and gentrification issues in Istanbul and Turkey. It will be elaborated as we go, and updated regularly ? we are thankful for any advice, corrections and feedback.

‘Mosques in Istanbul,’ an illuminating new guide book for Istanbul
Hurriyet Daily News
In his book ‘Mosques of Istanbul,’ architectural historian Henry Matthews describes the mosques he has chosen in chronological order

7 things to do in Istanbul ? Visit the Pera Museum « Travel With
By Denise Pulis a.k.a Den Den
Every visitor who travels to Istanbul knows about the tourist-staples; The Aya Sofia, the Mosques, the Topkapi palace. While these are definitely stunning and should be visited despite the inevitable crowds, I must say that my favourite

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