CHP to save Ergenekon suspects; Turkish PM says stress causes harsh rhetoric (!)

Turkeys Prime Minister Erdogan inspects ...

Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan inspects a guard of honour during a welcome ceremony in Kiev January 25, 2011.? Read more » REUTERS/Gleb Garanich

Turkish PM says stress causes harsh rhetoric

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said that recent comments he made regarding Turkish alcohol consumption arose out of a moment of great stress.

Impossible mission

by Gülay Göktürk
Republican People?s Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman Süheyl Batum, who said he wanted to nominate Ergenekon suspects Mustafa Balbay and Tuncay Özkan as CHP candidates in the upcoming general elections and that he would defend their nomination at the CHP Party Council, was emphasizing that this gesture has a symbolic meaning. What is the purpose of this gesture?

Why is the CHP pro-military?

by Eser Karakaş
I think the CHP is pro-military because it has no other choice. I am really surprised at the silence of the CHP, which defines itself as a social democratic party, regarding the recent Council of State decision to ban the wearing of headscarves at the Selection Examination for Academic Personnel and Graduate Studies (ALES) and the Sledgehammer coup probe case.

CHP, Ergenekon election targets

The prospects of the Republican People?s Party (CHP) nominating a number of Ergenekon suspects in the general elections slated for June became stronger after CHP Deputy Chairman Süheyl Batum made statements in support of the suspects over the weekend.

Balyoz, Öcalan and assassinations

In order to correctly read Turkey right now, the past 15 years of the country should be read correctly. A book that came out yesterday claims that [jailed head of the Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) Abdullah] Öcalan was told by the military that he had to up the intensity of the armed fight because nobody would take him seriously with a low-intensity war.

How to win the next election

A flashback — not to the last election in 2007 but the election before that. It was the summer before the 2002 election and not all that long after the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) had been formed. This was a time when most of the media?s attention was on World Bank Vice President Kemal Derviş, who had parachuted, Dirty Dozen-style, behind the lines of the crisis-torn Turkish economy and was fighting a rearguard action to restore the country?s credibility.

Desperate case of the CHP

There were great hopes for Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu when he assumed the leadership of the Republican People?s Party (CHP) last year to fill the gap of the opposition in Turkey. He was expected to transform the CHP, which has long been criticized for being pro-military and pro-status quo, into a pro-democracy political party and push the ruling party for more reforms and the expansion of human rights and democracy.

The end of ?liberal? literature

by Akif Beki
Some circles are talking about liberals. The alliance the liberals are said to have established with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government is said to be on shaky ground again. Who are these liberals?

Strong resolve required to clean up Turkey?s dirty past

The disclosure of new military documents outlining alleged coup plans reminds us yet again how Turkey has been engulfed by dirty plans that need to be addressed with a strong resolve and a determination to create a better future.

Gölcük documents deal severe blow to denial of Sledgehammer coup plot

Those who question or deny the existence of the coup plan codenamed Sledgehammer have been greatly disappointed with the emergence of documents seized at the Naval Forces Gölcük Command last year.

Plan B

by Şamİl Tayyar
Original and handwritten documents emerged in connection with the ?Balyoz? coup plan from bags discovered in a raid on the Gölcük Naval Command. Some details from these documents made it into the papers yesterday, and if you note that there are 43 folders full of evidence, more news about this matter is clearly going to continue to come in the coming days.

Council of State?s 8th Chamber

by Özlem Albayrak
Let us ask the 8th Chamber of the Council of State, which stopped the implementation of rules that would have allowed headscarved women to enter take university exams with their headscarves on for security reasons, about this situation.

Did Cold War fears lay the foundations for Ergenekon?
Today’s Zaman
With names like Sledgehammer and Ergenekon and an alleged cast of thousands ranging from retired top military generals to newspaper editors, the plots being

Hrant and Sledgehammer

The masterminds of the Sledgehammer case had set out to finish what members of the Committee of Union and Progress started. An order to kill Hrant Dink was issued within this scope, and if plans stayed on track they were going to kill other important figures in Turkey such as Etyen Mahçupyan and Sevan Nişanyan.

Are liberals and conservatives at crossroads?

Liberal intellectuals have systematically supported the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party). Their support was crucial partially in counterbalancing the groups who hold secularist concerns regarding the AK Party.

Freedom of expression, the PM and the silencing of writer Ahmet Altan (2)

As for the European Court of Human Rights, the high court to which Tayyip Erdoğan himself at one point considered applying for help, he has never taken as a guide this court?s own criticisms or the criteria it lists for freedom of the press.

Elections and the CHP
Today’s Zaman
According chatter in the corridors of Ankara, the CHP may nominate some Ergenekon suspects who are currently under arrest for seats in Parliament in order

?Ergenekon? and ?Sledgehammer? lessons for the Turkish Armed Forces

A large number of confidential documents seized from the Gölcük Naval Command by the police on the orders of public prosecutors last month and presented as additional evidence in the ?Sledgehammer? case last week indicate that the coup plan drawn up by the 1st Army Command in İstanbul (in collaboration with the Air Forces War Academy Command and the Naval Forces Command) in 2003 involved, among other things, measures to force the Air Forces Commander to resign, and to arrest 17 admirals including the Naval Forces commander, expected to oppose the plot.

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