Banned Fizy wins the Mashable award

Banned Turkish website wins international award

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Though banned at home, a popular music- and video-sharing Turkish website walked away with an award for best music search engine at the Mashable Awards.

2011 Flash Points: Open vs. Closed, Google vs. Apple

from MediaShift

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We don’t know exactly what media and technology stories will occur in 2011. Will Facebook finally go public? Will Gawker Media achieve mainstream respectability? Will Jon Stewart start his own cable network? But we can be sure that a lot of stories will occur around a few areas of tension.

Here, then, are flash points I predict will define media trends in the coming year and beyond.

Impact of Technology on Democracy and Activism: Findings from Multiple Statistical Studies

from iRevolution by Patrick Meier

Chapter 2 of my dissertation consists of a literature review on the impact of the Internet and mobile phones on democracy and activism. The first part of this literature view focuses specifically on analyzing the results from all the peer-reviewed quantitative studies that currently exist on the topic. The second part reviews more micro-level qualitative research. Part 1 is available here as a 7-page PDF. Part 2 will be available shortly.

71 Percent Of U.S. Web Users Are On Facebook

from All Facebook by Jackie Cohen

Just over 71 percent of U.S. web users have Facebook accounts, and the college-age demographic grew fastest this year, at 74 percent. Chicago ranks as the fastest growing city for Facebook use, up nearly 69 percent this year.

Attacks on social media to rise in 2011, says IT threat report

from Hurriyet Dailynews
ESET, a security solution provider for viruses and malicious software, has released its cyber-threat report for 2011, predicting that attacks on Facebook and other social networks will increase over the coming year. The report prepared by specialists and searchers in the business also says the mentioned attacks’ main purpose will be to steal data, also known as ‘phishing’

Are People of Color Missing in New Media? A #MediaDiversity Chat

from MediaShift

How many times have you been to a technology or media conference and noticed the dominance of white male speakers at the podium or the room? That’s what Arizona State University professor and media veteran Retha Hill saw when she attended the recent NewsFoo conference in Phoenix and the ONA conference in Washington, DC.

Facebook and Twitter Most Unsafe Social Networking Sites in 2010

from social media vb by Steve Olenski
In its report, PandaLabs referred to social media sites as being “a ?perfect working environment? for cybercriminals because Internet users, for now, place more trust in these sites than other online tools, like email.

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