METALHEAD (Part 23)- Album of the week: Cradle Of Filth’s Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa

album of the week,+Darkly,+Venus+Aversa.jpg?resize=452%2C452

Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa
~ Cradle Of Filth

erkan’s best of- song 026

ACDC – Ballroom Blitz

new stuff

Black Masses [IMPORT]
~ Electric Wizard

~ The Ocean

Black Light Bacchanalia
~ Virgin Steele

Did not like it much:

Crisis in Utopia
~ Holy Grail

older stuff

Of Darkness (2001)
by Therion

Disco Destroyer (2007)
by Tankard

special interest

Heathenreel (2006)
by Elvenking

Two Tragedy Poets
~ Elvenking

tribute to the ancestors

Time Out of Mind
~ Bob Dylan

Modern Times
~ Bob Dylan

Together Through Life
~ Bob Dylan

World Gone Wrong
~ Bob Dylan

Oh Mercy
~ Bob Dylan

Empire Burlesque
~ Bob Dylan

Acoustic-Good As I Been to You
~ Bob Dylan

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