METALHEAD (Part 20)- check out Agalloch’s new album: Marrow of the Spirit

album of the week

Marrow of the Spirit
~ Agalloch

erkan’s best of- song 023

Zebda – Oualalaradime

new stuff

Spiral Shadow
~ Kylesa

~ Daath

older stuff

Beast of Bourbon (2004)
by Tankard

Kings of Beer (2007)
by Tankard

tribute to the ancestors

The Basement Tapes by Bob Dylan & The Band

Desire (Reis) by Bob Dylan

Blue Moves by Elton John

Money & Cigarettes

by Eric Clapton

Behind the Sun
by Eric Clapton

At the BBC
by Queen


Single Man
by Elton John

Victim of Love
by Elton John

news roundup:

2010 Best Heavy Metal CDs

from Heavy Metal
A better evaluation of a year’s best releases is done a few years later, as the passage of time generally provides a clearer perspective, but as of right now, 2010 was a very good year for heavy metal.  Narrowing down the multitude of quality releases to the top 20 was extremely difficult, and ranking them even more so.  When doing a year end ranking, it’s important to revisit the albums, and not go just on the original impression or review.  Some CDs were growers, and others lost a bit of their luster since their original review.  Several of the releases on our top 20 you’ll see on many other lists, but others may surprise you.  Not sure if that means we’re idiots or visionaries, but in the end we’re just metal fans with opinions, like everyone else.

Gruhamed’s Top 10 of 2010

from Metal Injection
10. Hour of Penance ? Paradogma It seems like Italy has been stealing some Scandinavian thunder lately when it comes to breeding quality metal bands. Accompanying acts such as Fleshgod Apocalypse and Coffinworm, Hour of Penance have been responsible for giving their boot-shaped homeland a reputation for more than just good food and women with

Heavy Metal Gift Guide 2010

from Heavy Metal

Ben’s Top 10 Albums of 2010

from Metal Injection by BentheCaucasian
As the year is comes to a close, we will be taking you through the Best of 2010. Over the next couple of days, expect top 10 album lists from most of our writers, as well as the top stories & videos of the year. Don’t forget, you can still submit your Top 10 album

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