Amazon “betrays” Wikileaks. Global reactions to Cablegate (4)

Amazon Bans WikiLeaks From Its Servers

from Mashable! by Ben Parr

MAIN FOCUS: Wikileaks creates a global public sphere | 01/12/2010

from euro|topics

China is blocking Wikileaks‘ websites, states fear for their data security and the world learns of a planned coup d’état against Pakistan’s president. While the daily disclosures of further US dispatches are causing a flurry worldwide, the press also sees Wikileaks as answering a basic need for information on the part of the global public sphere.

Wikileaks ‘ousted’ from Amazon

from Boing Boing by Rob Beschizza

Amazon will no longer be hosting Wikileaks, according to Wikileaks: “WikiLeaks servers at Amazon ousted. Free speech the land of the free–fine our $ are now spent to employ people in Europe.”

If Amazon has silenced Wikileaks?

from …My heart’s in Accra by Ethan

Whether you believe Julian Assange should be Time?s Man of the Year, or whether you?d like to see him tried for espionage, rape or other crimes, you have to admit the man keeps things interesting. While the revelations in Wikileaks recent releases haven?t toppled governments, or perhaps even led to major journalistic revelations, they?re forcing important discussions about secrecy, privacy, rights of free speech and the architecture of the internet.

WikiLeaks reveals the mixed blessings of royal diplomacy

from Wiki Leaks by Colum Lynch

WikiLeaks on Luzhkov and Kremlin corruption

from Wiki Leaks by Joshua Keating

Strauss-Kahn: Chirac preferred socialists to Sarkozy

from Wiki Leaks by Joshua Keating

Brazilian defense minister knew FARC was on Venezuelan soil

from Wiki Leaks by Elizabeth Dickinson

Wow, the State Department really doesn’t like WikiLeaks

from Wiki Leaks by Blake Hounshell

Check out this summary from State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley’s press briefing today:

Authorities seek WikiLeaks founder; website moves

from Hurriyet Dailynews

The U.S. government, apparently aided by freelance computer hackers, chased WikiLeaks from an American commercial computer network and temporarily stopped the leak of embarrassing diplomatic documents

Cables describe Turkmenistan’s leader as dim-witted neatfreak

from Wiki Leaks by Joshua Keating

Someone in the Ashgabat embassay has a sense of humor. This Dec. 19, 2009 cable from the U.S. Embassy in the Turkmen capital contains a not-so flattering description of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov (my emphasis):

WikiLeaks: Heated debate in Germany over nuclear weapons on its soil
CNN International
a new WikiLeaks document shows. Its release also reveals the presence of nuclear weapons in several European countries and Turkey, information not

Washington faces storm of anger over leaked documents

from Hurriyet Dailynews
While Amazon boots activist website WikiLeaks from its servers, forcing it onto European Web hosts, the United States faces a storm of anger from foreign governments who were scrutinized in leaked cables. President Barack Obama named an expert to prevent it from happening again

Did a U.S. ambassador accuse Sri Lanka’s president of war crimes? – By Charles Homans

from Wiki Leaks by Charles Homans

Azerbaijani defense minister: Russians got drunk and admitted selling weapons to Armenia

from Wiki Leaks by Joshua Keating

Jamaica: The Wikileaks Discussion

from Global Voices Online by Janine Mendes-Franco

Latin America & Cablegate: Analysis, Reactions & Questions

from Global Voices Online by Silvia Viñas

By Silvia Viñas

Bloggers from Latin America have quickly reacted to the US Embassy Cables leaked by WikiLeaks. Cables from embassies in several Spanish-speaking Latin American countries, including Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela and Honduras, have been released. Bloggers in the region are analyzing the cables and what they mean to their individual countries and to Latin America as a whole.

Cablegate: Lessons on tech for transparency

from Global Voices Online by Renata Avila

By Renata Avila

Cablegate is everywhere. You can read about it in virtually any digital or print newspaper around the world; you can see it through the links shared on social media sites; you can follow the tag #cablegate on Twitter; you can browse dozens of blogs; you can hear about it on the radio. Wikileaks’ release of over 250,000 United States embassy cables is one of the hottest subjects in media and government right now: technology reduced the gap between citizens and complex government information, and people are actively discussing the release throughout the world.

Brazil: WikiLeaks cable reveals suspected terrorists arrested on narcotics charges

from Global Voices Online by Thiana Biondo

Forget policy, some of this WikiLeaks stuff is great to read
McClatchy Washington Bureau
Another tale that would have gone unremarked without WikiLeaks is the 2009 saga of the horseback escape from Iran to Turkey of then 75-year-old Hossein

Turkmen leader “not very bright” – leaked US cable
Reuters Africa
that was published on Thursday by the website WikiLeaks. Turkmen President Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov does not like the United States, Iran or Turkey

WikiLeaks founder: Netanyahu believes exposé will aid Mideast peace
Julian Assange tells Time: Netanyahu says leaders must speak in public like they do in private; Turkey: Israel engineered WikiLeaks release

WikiLeaks cables: Turkmenistan president wanted yacht like Abramovich
The Guardian
The president “did not like America, Iran or Turkey but likes China”, it adds. In a separate cable from the embassy in Ashgabat, diplomats reported that the

Is Julian Assange ‘Person of the Year’?
Daily Beast
The voting of Time’s readers has him near the top, tied with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for second place, while Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip

Clinton Visits Countries WikiLeaks Tattled On
TIME (blog)
Clinton arrived under the immense, bulbous cloud of the WikiLeaks controversy, in which 250000 leaked diplomatic cables exposed internal State Department
WikiLeaks disclosures are leading to diplomatic cracks for US
Chicago Tribune
Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemn disparaging cables made public by WikiLeaks. Further international fallout is feared.

Wednesday’s WikiLeaks developments
CNN (blog)
according to a February US Embassy document released by WikiLeaks. ? Turkey’s prime minister is threatening to file a lawsuit over comments that a US

Hard case for US against WikiLeaks? founder Assange

from Today’s Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news :: Interviews by Mark Hosenball
WASHINGTON — US authorities could face insurmountable legal hurdles if they try to bring criminal charges against elusive WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange, even if he sets foot on US soil.
WikiLeaks is holding US global power to account
The Guardian
WikiLeaks‘ release of 250000 United States embassy cables ? shared with the Guardian and other international newspapers ? was an act of terrorism

Morning Brief: WikiLeaks cables document U.S.-Pakistan tension

from FP Passport by Joshua Keating

WikiLeaks cables document U.S.-Pakistan tension

Top news: Diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks reveal the extent to which the United States was concerned about Pakistani nuclear material falling into the hands of terrorists, a fear that had been kept largely secret by U.S. officials.

WikiLeaked: Bolivia denies that Morales had tumor

from FP Passport by Joshua Keating

British police seek Assange over Swedish rape charges

from FP Passport by Joshua Keating

Mon dieu! WikiLeaks makes the US look good. – By David Kenner

from FP Passport by David Kenner

WikiLeaks on Luzhkov and Kremlin corruption

from FP Passport by Joshua Keating

Russia ‘mafia state’ – Wikileaks

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Russia has become a virtual “mafia state” with widespread corruption, bribery and protection rackets, US diplomatic cables revealed by Wikileaks say.

Swedish court upholds warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange; amid furor, provocateur remains out of sight

from Wash Post Europe by Edward Cody

PARIS- The Swedish Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder and guiding spirit, must appear before a magistrate in Stockholm to answer accusations of rape and sexual harassment brought by two Swedish women.

EU neighbours are ‘mafia states,’ US cables indicate

from – Headline News

Commissioner concerned about cyber-attacks on WikiLeaks

from – Headline News

How to punish the ‘Satan’?

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
Among the major victims of Mr Julian ?WikiLeaks? Assange could be a couple of corporate headquarters in America.

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