Two wounded football giants of Istanbul meet in half an hour: Galatasary vs. Beşiktaş


Beşiktaş sees the light at the end of the tunnel

from Hurriyet Dailynews
A fine display of one goal and one assist by Spanish star Guti gave Beşiktaş victory over Galatasaray in Sunday?s derby match between two of the Spor Toto League?s biggest underachievers. Beşiktaş has found hope of climbing back to the top of league standings with the away victory, but Galatasaray has slipped further behind and is slowly starting to feel the heat of the relegation battle

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Beşiktaş gave hope to its fans at the beginning the season but soon it broke away from the championship race. Galatasaray is worse. Now to clash to continue their already diminished hopes for championship.

Galatasaray entertains Beşiktaş for derby of underachievers

Hurriyet Daily News
An Istanbul derby usually brings together two of Turkey’s top football teams, but this is not the case when Galatasaray welcomes Beşiktaş in the Spor Toto


Bursaspor seeks maiden goal in Champions League

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Despite having no more chance to qualify from its Champions League group, Bursaspor has not given up its fight to score its first goal and record its first points in Europe?s top club competition. The Crocs meet Valencia in their fifth fixture as they desperately seek to avoid becoming one of a handful of sides to lose all their games in the competition

Go Sari Kanarya Go…

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

My latest tweet: Fenerbahce reached 3000 goal mark in the Turkish soccer league against Buca with Alex de Souza who scored his personal 100th recently. Go Sari Kanarya Go…
Mavi Boncuk |
They did… with a final score of 5-2 and team captain Alex with a perfect hat-trick, scoring goals 1, 2 and 3.

Besiktas hosted a signing ceremony for Iverson

from Besiktas JK Fan Site

NBA legend Allen Iverson was unveiled to several hundred adoring fans on Tuesday and conceded that even with his arrival Turkish Championship side Besiktas may not win all their games.

Cheers for Iverson need no translation
Washington Post
Allen Iverson has a chance to resurrect his career with Turkish club Besiktas. (Ibrahim Usta) The look on Allen Iverson’s face in that moment he was

Iverson says ?Expect excitement?; gets 32000 chanting at Besiktas soccer match
Iverson went on to represent the Black-and-Whites at Beşiktaş FC’s Turkish League football match last night against Kasımpaşa, at which the full-throated

Beşiktaş Black Eagles show staying power, Porto through
Today’s Zaman
The Beşiktaş Black Eagles boosted their chances of making the UEFA Europa League round of 32 — with two games remaining — after the thrilling 1-1 away

Allen Iverson’ signing ceremony with Turkish club Besiktas (Video)
By osuchin
Former NBA star Allen Iverson attends in Istanbul a signing ceremony to celebrate his new contract with Turkish basket ball club Besiktas. Eleven-time NBA all-star and former scoring champion Iverson arrived in Istanbul after signing a

Foto credit: Hürriyet

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