Mavi Boncuk presents “Turkish Box Office Leaders 2005-20010”

Turkish Box Office Leaders 2005-20010

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

Turkish Box office Leaders 2005-20010
Mavi Boncuk

2010 Recep İvedik 3
2009 Recep İvedik 2
2008 Recep İvedik
2007 Beyaz Melek
2006 Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak
2005 Hababam Sınıfı Askerde

Çoğunluk (The Majority) : l?itinéraire d?un sale gosse des nouvelles classes moyennes turques

from YOL (routes de Turquie et d’ailleurs) by anne

Turkish James Bond enters dangerous waters to take on Israeli flotilla raiders

from World news: Turkey | by Ben Child

A film in which a Turkish hero seeks revenge for attack on Gaza aid ships could further strain ties between Turkey and Israel

He is known as the Turkish James Bond, a seemingly invincible special forces agent who has taken on the country’s enemies time and time again in a series of TV shows and movies. Now Polat Alemdar, star of the Valley of the Wolves franchise, is turning his attention to the Israelis.
Turkish director provides five minarets but too many messages – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

Turkish action movie on Gaza flotilla could aggravate relations

from Hurriyet Dailynews

A Turkish action movie about an undercover agent avenging the deaths of pro-Palestinian activists in an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, could further strain ties between the two former allies.

CBC News – Film – Turkish film on flotilla raid may anger Israel

Film as a cultural bridge between Turkey and France

from Hurriyet Dailynews
At a cultural program in Istanbul last week, supported by the EU and intended to bring French and Turkish directors together, Turkish director Reha Erdem said there are currently Turkish movies that break box office records and appeal to audiences all over the world. Erdem praised the funding generosity of the EU, and is particularly grateful to France for its support of independent cinema.

Remembering Dino De Laurentiis

from The Criterion Current

The prolific movie megaproducer Dino De Laurentiis died this week at the age of ninety-one. One of the most powerful and influential figures in cinema history, De Laurentiis was responsible for more than 150 films over the course of a seven-decade career, both in his native Italy and in Hollywood. He was particularly revered by cinephiles for producing some of the visionary early films of Federico Fellini, including La strada and Nights of Cabiria.

Timeline Of High School Movies

Press Notes: Antichrist

from The Criterion Current

We?re not going to lie: upon its release, Lars von Trier?s artful shocker Antichrist was a critically polarizing film, and judging by the reviews of its Criterion DVD and Blu-ray release this week, it still elicits both love and hate……….

Movie Review: Veda by Zulfu Livaneli

from İstanbul Altı by Asher

Turkey, as a country, as a nation, does some things very good and some things not quite as good. Bus transportation is very much on the former end of the spectrum. Intercity buses are cheap, safe, and very comfortable. You can get to the Otogar early and play bus companies off of each other to get the best deal. You get tea/water/soft drink service once you?re on the bus. Many companies or stations have a free service that?ll take you to the middle of whatever town your visiting (but apparently not Istanbul if you get there late?in fact, none of this article could be said for EfeTur). Also on the buses are personal televisions built into the back of each seat. So you get your choice of a few television stations or movie channels on the bus. This is, most certainly, a good thing.

Turkish film receives another international award

from Hurriyet Dailynews
“Mommo-The Bogeyman,” a Turkish film by director Atalay Taşdiken, has won an award at the Eighth International Children and Youth Film Festival, or FICI, in Madrid.

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