Haaretz: Israel should compensate Gaza flotilla victims


Turkish protesters marching in Istanbul against Israel?s takeover of the Gaza flotilla in May. Photo by: AP

Israel should compensate Gaza flotilla victims – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Israel can take several steps to defuse tensions between itself and Turkey.
By Shlomo Avineri

The waves caused by the raid on the Gaza-bound Turkish flotilla have somewhat subsided, but it’s clear the change in Turkey’s attitude toward Israel is part of broader foreign policy changes initiated by Ankara’s foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu. Still, Israel would be wise to consider what it can do to lower the flame, even a bit. ”

Fitch revises Turkey’s outlook to positive

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Fitch Ratings has revised the outlook on Turkey?s long-term foreign and local currency issuer default ratings to ‘positive’ from ‘stable.’

Visa Liberalisation could Boost Turkey’s EU Bid

Axis shield

from Bosphorus Diary by Yavuz Baydar

Now that NATO?s Lisbon Summit is over, there should presumably be fewer concerns left as compared to ones earlier about where Turkey stands in its vocation on the ever-changing global map of power.

Overall, the summit seems to have achieved its envisioned results — in general terms — and the leaders got what they hoped for. There is now an agreement on a missile defense system which will cover the entire territory of NATO?s European allies (although there will be much work left on structuring the system and fine-tuning its command and control mechanism in a coherent and functional framework). The Russians have been ?won?: There will for the first time in history be a coordinated defense model which aims to bring together Moscow and NATO to direct cooperation. Agreement has also been reached on the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan.

Turkish, French presidents row over Iran at NATO summit

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Turkish President Gül and French President Sarkozy had an angry exchange over Iran at this weekend’s NATO summit in Lisbon, reports in the Turkish media have said.

Turkey accedes to a missile defense plan

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
No number of diplomatic statements can ignore the fact that Ankara is giving its symbolic commitment to a defense shield that has Russia squarely in its sights.

For the first time, Turkey has a foreign policy

England, weakened economically in the wake of World War II, turned over its responsibilities on the fronts of Turkey and Greece to the United States. Both Turkey and Greece were important due to the threat from the Soviet Union at the time. During the Cold War era, Turkey?s foreign policy was heavily influenced by America.

The end of multiculturalism, Islamophobia and the role of NATO by CAN ERİMTAN

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was re-elected last year with a larger majority, which allowed her to form a coalition with the free-market party Free Democratic Party (FDP), or Freie Demokratische Partei in German, more in line with her own conservative political values.

[MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING?] NATO, Turkey and one missile defence shield by GÜLNUR AYBET

LONDON — On Friday night at the NATO summit in Lisbon, President Obama announced that NATO member states had agreed on a missile defense shield that would for the first time protect all of NATO?s territory and people, including the United States, against an incoming missile attack. Around the same time, NATO?s much awaited new Strategic Concept was

NATO and the EU: A rowless summit | The Economist

NATO’s Missile System and Russia

from U.S.A.K. Blog by USAK

By Habibe Ozdal, JTW Columnist

As eagerly anticipated, NATO is expected to make two important decisions at the Lisbon summit. The first one is about building its own missile defense system in Europe. Secondly, the alliance will decide on making the missile defense shield to be the alliance’s core mission. The system, which dates back to the Ronald Reagan era with its well-known name Star Wars, has caused hot debates each time it was brought onto the agenda even though it was never implemented.

Turquie : une pause s?impose

by acturca

MoneyWeek (France) 18 novembre 2010, p. 8

Arnaud Lefebvre

Gare à l?essoufflement. Les statistiques turques se suivent et se ressemblent, dépassant à chaque fois les attentes. Euphorique, la Bourse attire toujours plus d?investisseurs. Mais, alors que la croissance devrait continuer à ralentir, la correction boursière menace.

ANALYSIS: Turkey claims success for its diplomacy at NATO summit – Monsters and Critics

What Does NATO Try to Accomplish in the post-Cold War Era?

from U.S.A.K. Blog by USAK

Hasan Selim Ozertem, Eurasia Expert, USAK/JTW

NATO will forge its new strategic concept for the upcoming era after a decade-long period. Looking at the new concept one can easily grasp the desire of becoming a balancing power on a global scale. However, there is a tradeoff then for the new era: What will happen to the United Nations and to the role of the Security Council? Secondly, is there room for NATO to transform its system of values and functions for the new period? Looking at the existing structure, the priority of NATO seems to be the need for legitimization and a clear definition of ?the other? to keep the bonds within the organization salient.

Many Walls Separate the E.U. and NATO

from NYT > Turkey by By JUDY DEMPSEY
The two alliances cannot talk to each other easily, which prevents them from having easy access to each other’s military and civilian resources at a time when both are stretched financially and militarily.

The NATO summit and Europe (I)

The NATO summit in Lisbon was a turning point for the global balance of power. When one browses through the main decisions of this summit, it?s not hard to see that a transformation lies ahead. However, it?s not equally easy to understand against whom the NATO allies and their new strategic partner, Russia, are preparing to defend themselves.

STRAFOR (George Friedman): TURKEY

Media Watch
? November 23, 2010Posted in: Headlines, Turkey

By George Friedman | November 23, 2010

We arrived in Istanbul during the festival of Eid al-Adha, which commemorates the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael on God?s command and praises the God who stayed his hand. It is a jarring holiday for me; I was taught that it was Isaac who God saved. The distinction between Ishmael and Isaac is the difference between Hagar and Sarah, between Abraham and the Jews and Abraham and the Muslims. It ties Muslims, Jews and Christians together. It also tears them apart.”

The New Old Turkey – WSJ.com

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