FT: Turkey’s challenge to Old Europe

[link only works with subscription though]: Turkey’s challenge to Old Europe from FT.com – World, Europe Ankara no longer sees why it should accept the role of supplicant or cipher. Logic says that Europe has everything to gain and nothing to lose from Turkey’s embrace of modernity, writes Philip Stephens Bagis: the Turkish negotiator is … Read more

Twitter increasingly creates political agenda in Turkey…

CHP leader announced his arguments on headscard thru his Twitter account. MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli also joined Twitter. the President has already been active. PM Erdoğan seems to be leading the unfriendly camp against Twitter (and Web culture in general). http://twitter.com/yorumluyorum/status/2736144458457088 Superonline hails ‘the age of fiber’ in Gaziantep from Hurriyet Dailynews Superonline, Turkcell?s profitable … Read more

From Britannica blog: ?The Istanbul Not in the Guidebooks

The Istanbul Not in the Guidebooks | Britannica Blog By Lisa Lubin An obvious bonus of staying put in one place for a long time is discovering ‘real’ Istanbul and its neighborhoods where people live, work, and play. The Lonely Planet guide book goes about as far as Taksim Square?the busy town center Art Walk … Read more

LALE KEMAL: Authoritarianism and conservatism kill Turkish creativity. A social roundup follows

LALE KEMAL – Authoritarianism and conservatism kill Turkish creativity Talking to people from every walk of life and from every age group in Turkey, one will hear about the unpleasant experiences they have gone through either in the workplace, school or at home as well as in university that stems from a state ideology of … Read more

Infomag magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary. #infomag

I was invited to a breakfast to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Infomag magazine. This is an in-depth business analyses magazine. There are not many quality magazines in the Turkish media. Infomag claims to be one. Editor in chief is now talking about “art of writing”. In depth work goes hand in hand with good … Read more


The story of a man told through the facebook’s interface. ******************** Sympathy returns with the new 2010 Spring/Summer collection. found here: Sympathy for the Unusual

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