“Pamuk’s contribution to the theory of the novel” from Austin American-Statesman

Pamuk’s contribution to the theory of the novel
Austin American-Statesman
Novelist Orhan Pamuk argues that visual representation in writing is what has made the genre so popular and lasting. By Anis Shivani When Homi Bhabha

Pamuk novel among NY Times bestsellers

Today’s Zaman
The paperback print of ?The Museum of Innocence,? the English translation of Turkish author Orhan Pamuk’s 2008 novel, ?Masumiyet Müzesi,? has hit the

The Realist: every issue now online!

from Boing Boing by David Pescovitz

Teaching Online Professors … Online

Pearson plans to join small group of providers selling online courses aimed at instructors shifting to digital environment. more

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Religious Accommodation Makes Waves

George Washington University’s female-only swim hour, designed to meet the needs of Muslim students, is generating widespread debate. more

Further Militarization of the Academy: Florida International University, SOUTHCOM, and Strategic Culture

from OPEN ANTHROPOLOGY by Maximilian Forte

Many thanks to Adrienne Pine for this important alert, ?An Urgent Message to Academics about SOUTHCOM.? In that she presents us with evidence of a striking deepening of the alliance between U.S. academia and military objectives, in this case revolving around the concept of ?strategic culture,? and joining Florida International University with the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) which covers Latin America and the Caribbean. As Adrienne explains,

CRS — Piracy: A Legal Definition

from Docuticker

Piracy: A Legal Definition (PDF) Source: Congressional Research Service (via Secrecy News) Pirate attacks in the waters off the Horn of Africa, including those on U.S.-flagged vessels, have brought continued U.S. and international attention to the long-standing problem of piracy in the region. The United States has been an active participant in piracy interdiction and prevention

Performing Islam

from tabsir.net by tabsir

Performing Islam is the first peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal about Islam and performance and their related aesthetics.

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