Sadly, I watch the Battle of Chile

I could find a poor copy of this spectacular documentary on the Pinochet’s coup in Chile: The Battle of Chile The first volume is the story of how intolerant oppositions paves the way for the coup against democractically elected President Allende.. The first volume also reminded me what happened in the last five years of this country. Most of the elements of opposition in Turkey did their best to bring down the elected government but thanks god they were not as successful as the Chile case. And the tactics are so similar….

From the coup in Chile….

Turkish film ‘Press’ receives good press after Golden Oranges

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
The Turkish film ‘Press,’ portraying the beginning of the Kurdish newspaper tradition and the darkest years in the country?s southeast, was shot in Diyarbakır and Istanbul and has attracted much attention with recent plaudits. Sedat Yılmaz, the film?s writer and director, says he made the film out of solidarity with Kurds and Kurdish journalists

New Zealand is still Middle-earth: A summary of the Hobbit crisis

from Observations on film art and FILM ART by bordwellblog

Richard Taylor during the October 20 anti-boycott march.

Books examine post-1980s Turkish cinema

from Hurriyet Dailynews
For those looking for detailed analyses of Turkish cinema in English, here is a look at two academic books about the last two decades of Turkish cinema. Asuman Suner?s book takes a look at themes of belonging, identity and social memory in 1990s Turkish cinema. Deniz Bayrakdar?s compilation of articles dissects the changing relationship between cinema and politics in a new Europe

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Press Notes: Paths of Glory

from The Criterion Current

?Stanley Kubrick?s 1957 antiwar film Paths of Glory is a movie that should fail to move no one. I daresay it?s one of those films that forever changes a person,? begins Jamie S. Rich?s highly personal DVD Talk review of the new Criterion special edition. He goes on to praise Kubrick?s film as ?a pitch-perfect piece of drama. It?s remarkable in its simplicity. There is no extraneous scene, no off-key moment. The dialogue crackles, and the mise-en-scène moves with precision and confidence.? All in all, this is ?the earliest masterpiece of one of cinema?s most important filmmakers.?

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