@sosyalmedyatv – Sosyal Medya tonight. @PuCCaa, @yildarado, @resatcalislar, @alibabaoglan. Good news is that TRT orders 13 more episodes!

sosyalmedya1 500x375 Erkans TV career (!) begins tonight

Tonight we have the 12th episode of Sosyal Medya. The good news is that TRT wanted to continue the program after the first 13 episodes and another 13 episodes are ordered! Tonight we will have Taraf daily’s chief editor Yıldıray Oğur. Taraf is a not good social media using daily but its columnists are very active at Twitter. And Yildiray does his best. We will arrange our first skype conference interview with a Turkish web phenomenon, PuCCa. She hides her face even when she attends the book conference to sign her books (behind a curtain). So she wanted to be at home and talk to us from there without her face shown… We will have Ali Babaoğlan again. He was one of our previous guests. He is a semantic web expert and this time he will focus on Facebook’s use of semantic web. Finally, we will have Reşat Çalışlar. Another web phenomenon who doesn’t hide himself. He was expelled from Ekşi Sözlük a few years ago, which happened to be small scale new media event at that time… Probably there will be some talk about that…

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