album of the week

by Dimmu Borgir

Not particularly my type, but this have provided substance in their own genre. Congrat to Dimmu Borgir…

erkan’s best of- song 017

Devil Doll – St. Patrick

new stuff

Omega Wave
~ Forbidden

~ Symphorce

Clinic for Dolls
~ Unsun

older stuff

Discouraged Ones
by Katatonia

Zombie Attack/Chemical Invasion
by Tankard

Serenity in Fire
by Kataklysm

Tonight’s Decision
by Katatonia

special interest

Archaic Course
by Borknagar

tribute to the ancestors

Blind Faith by Blind Faith

News of the World
by Queen

Nashville Skyline
by Bob Dylan

~ Cream

by Queen

news roundup:

Scary and Evil Looking Black Metal Bands Photo Gallery

from Heavy Metal

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a photo gallery to shock your non black metal listening friends. They look scary and evil with their corpsepaint, but except for a few freaks, most black metal guys are normal and down to earth offstage.

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