the 10th and 11th episodes of Sosyal Medya @sosyalmedyatv

sosyalmedya1 500x375 Erkans TV career (!) begins tonight

On Monday we will have the 11th episode of Sosyal Medya. Last Monday we had Nazlı Ilıcak, the queen of Twitter in Turkey some call. She is one of the most well-known columnists and despite her old age- she challenges the stereotypes that older people do not understand the web- she is an efficient user of Twitter. We had Serhat Ayan from Turkcell, the largest mobile phone service provide, who focused on Turkcell’s social media strategies and finally we had the founder of, a social network site that focuses on Turkish college students.
This Monday, we will have Ceyhun Yılmaz as our guest “famous” guest. A well known comedian radio/TV programmer. One of our previous guests, Emre Tok, from Microsoft, comes again. We did not have enough time last time, so he will continue to tell us Microsoft’s new stuff related to social media. And finally we will have Atilla Süer, technology editor of HaberTurk who will focus on mobile technologies…

We are increasingly criticised for being too Twitter centric, which is right. In fact, if one looks at the guest list, we cover a wide range of social media existence in Turkey but most of our main guests’ interest in social media is limited to Twitter. Due to our rating pressure, we have to give in to some extent. But I am hopeful and as the program is established we will change the balance of coverage….

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