Haaretz journalists report from Istanbul: “We can fix it….

Istanbul and Tel Aviv can fix what Ankara and J’lem broke


By Aluf Benn ISTANBUL – Friends and family sounded worried: “Istanbul? Isn’t it dangerous there right now?” But travel warnings are cut off from reality.

and a long Istanbul roundup:

Bibliopoles of Istanbul set for TÜYAP Fair
Old and secondhand books will get a rare showcase at this year’s TÜYAP İstanbul Book Fair, marking a first in the nearly three-decade history of the fair.

İstanbul has its own oud festival
Today’s Zaman
Did you know that the best ouds in the world have been produced in İstanbul for centuries? Musicians know this, of course, that’s why from Australia to

Istanbul Developers Aim to Restore Ottoman-Era Glory to Slums
(Source: Bloomberg) A renovated house, center, stands amongst traditional buildings in the Fener Balat neighborhood of Istanbul

Istanbul at night and other photographic highlights « Quaerentia
By quaesitor
Was in Istanbul last week doing some Langham training each evening. Which meant that I never got back to my B&B until quite late. Which also meant that I was able to pass some of the great sights after dark and when there were very few

ISMEP prepares Istanbul for a probable earthquake

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The Istanbul Seismic Risk Mitigation and Preparedness Project, or ISMEP, is working to safeguard Istanbul from potential earthquakes with a strategic new approach to quake awareness.

Discover, watch, see, listen, experience

Today’s Zaman

Giant posters on advertising billboards around İstanbul currently encourage us to ?discover, watch, see, listen and experience? the events that are being

Istanbul Fast Food
About – News & Issues
In the heart of Istanbul’s historic center you can belly up to marble tables and eat quintessential kabobs and Köfte at Sultanahmet Köftecisi

Istanbul Grand Bazaar shop provides Karagöz treats
Hurriyet Daily News
The color is fading fast from the skies of Istanbul as the autumn rains fall with full force. It is time to give in to the umbrella selling brigade ? who

I am writing a book on something no one else deigns to touch on…Simits
Today’s Zaman
The subtitle is also very illuminating: ?İstanbul‘da Kara Fırından Simit Saraylarına Simit, Peynir ve Çayın Türküsü? or ?From Wood-Oven Bakeries to Simit

Istanbul needs better-quality tourists, expat restaurateur says

from Hurriyet Dailynews
With guests from all walks of life, the Bird restaurant presents tastes from all over the world, from the Far East to Italy, and also includes a variety of steaks and crabs.

Turkey: All roads lead to Istanbul

from Yahoo news
In a sign of its rising influence, Turkey dazzles Middle East consumers. read more

Istanbul bridge not at risk, transport minister says

Hurriyet Daily News

On Sunday, around 200000 people attended the Intercontinental Eurasia Marathon, organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Curators unveil concept of 12th Istanbul Biennial

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The conceptual framework of the 12th Istanbul Biennial was launched Wednesday by curators Adriano Pedrosa and Jens Hoffman at an Istanbul press meeting. The biennial, which will run from Sept. 17 to Nov. 13 next year, will be called ‘Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011,’ in reference to the work of Cuban-American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Istanbul Karikatür Müzesi, Museum of Cartoon & Humour

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali

Karikatur Muzesi located in Gazanferaga Kulliyesi (complex of a mosque) in Fatih today first opened in Tepebasi, Taksim in 1975 and served until the military coup in 1980. The museum then was moved to Gazanferaga Kulliyesi in 1989.

Next İstanbul biennial will be ‘Untitled’
Today’s Zaman
The 2011 İstanbul biennial will not have a title. But that is not to say that the prestigious major showcase of contemporary art will lack a concept

The Two Continents Of Istanbul
Istanbul is the 2010 European Capital of Culture. Each year the European Union designates one or two cities as “Capitals of Culture.

Istanbul to host international documentary film festival
Istanbul is set to host an international documentary film festival, gathering directors from Turkey and the globe. Istanbul is set to host an international

Across the divide: Istanbul | StarTribune.com

From sooty working-class neighborhoods to flashy tourist sights, the city perched between Europe and Asia defies expectations.


The Istanbul Marathon: Once-a-year Opportunity to Walk Over the
By OnurInal
The Bosphorus Bridge is one of the two bridges in Istanbul that connects Asia and Europe. Nevertheless, it is not one of the many bridges in the world that can be either walked across or climbed. It is open for the pedestrians only fo

Istanbul at Night
About – News & Issues
Greetings from Istanbul. I guess we got lucky. After four days of rain, Istanbul dried out last night, the moon glowed, and we were able to eat dinner

Turkish baths in Istanbul | Europe Forum | Fodor’s Travel Talk Forums
By laurel7
Hi, Could anyone recommend the best turkish bath to visit in Istanbul. My husband and I are travelling by ourselves, and don’t mind if the bath is co-ed or not; we just don’t want to be stripped of all our bodily hair and beaten with

Feshane, Golden Horn

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali

Feshane is a place on the coast of the Golden Horn where all kinds of fair, organization, meeting, seminar, concert, gala, party, exhibition and cultural activities can be carried out. Feshane is adding a different color to the Golden Horn with its green areas supported historical structure. Feshane has a special pier opening to the Golden Horn, too. Feshane is built on 56.000 square meters area. Feshane is giving service to the Istanbul residents with BELTUR quality and guarantee.

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