Another dark moment for the Turkish judiciary: Hrant Dink murderer to be tried at Juvenile Court

and he will probably get a short sentence and be out soon… Dark alliance behind this triggerman remains unraveled…

Triggerman Suspect to be Tried at Juvenile Court

from Bianet :: English
The 15th hearing of the trial regarding the murder of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink is currently held in Istanbul – the first session after Turkey’s conviction by the ECHR. Dink family lawyer Çetin will reiterate her demand to merge the files of Trabzon and Istanbul. A defence lawyer requested to have triggerman suspect Samast tried at a Juvenile Court.


What sort of organization is the KCK? by MÜMTAZ?ERTÜRKÖNE

The trial of the Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) is overshadowing the increased hopes for a settlement of the Kurdish issue.

Journalist Erdal: Some articles of penal code interpreted to punish journalists

Turkey has had a much better designed penal code since the mid 2000s, but some articles of the new Turkish Penal Code (TCK) are like booby traps for journalists, Zaman daily court reporter Büşra Erdal, who is facing as many as 62 cases against her, has said.

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