Wikileaks to publish Pentagon Iraq documents; U.S. Government use Facebook For Surveillance…

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Next leak, next week, from Wikileaks? What’s expected: 400,000 US Army docs from Iraq

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

Reports are circulating that WikiLeaks will release close to 400,000 secret U.S. Army reports from the Iraq War next week. Once again, this would become the largest military leak in U.S. history. Snip from Wired News:

Measured by size, the database will dwarf the 92,000-entry Afghan war log WikiLeaks partially published last July.

WikiLeaks to Release 400,000 Secret Documents as Funding Concerns Loom

from Mashable! by Ben Parr

20, 2000 and 2: the three shadows of Facebook, Luis de Miranda

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Luis de Miranda

Three factors hold the Facebook phenomenon together. It promises eternal youth. It offers a virtualised version of Christian faith. It allows us to enter the game of life without taking undue risk.

WikiLeaks loses funding, blames US government

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Heather Holm

Wikileaks-founder-Julian--006.jpgWikiLeaks believes that it is paying for (or rather, not being paid for) its military leak.  According to the Guardian, WikiLeaks has claimed  that “it has had its funding blocked and that it is the victim of financial warfare by the US government.”  Moneybookers, an Internet payment company registered in Britain that collects WikiLeaks donations, emailed the company to say its account was closed down because it was on an official US watchlist and Australian government blacklist.

U.S. Government Using Facebook For Surveillance

from All Facebook by Caitlin Fitzsimmons

Did you know the American Government is now monitoring social networking sites to try to identify immigration fraud? As The Huffington Post puts it, Big Brother really is watching you!

The Business Behind the Internet TV Revolution

from Mashable! by Adam Ostrow

Can the iPad be considered a mobile device?

from Editors Weblog – all postings by Heather Holm

The question of whether the iPad is considered a mobile device is brought to the forefront once again.  As notes, “an in-depth study of iPad use by Condé Nast has found that people are using the device as a shared household appliance, not a personal mobile device.”  Plus, Ad Age’s Nat Ives said the “household sharing of the device” is a surprising trend for a device that was supposed to be used on the go.

Facebook Joins Fight Against Gay Bullying

from All Facebook by Caitlin Fitzsimmons

Hate speech is a hateful thing, there is no doubt about it. On the web it?s all too easy for people to do it anonymously, posing headaches for any site with user-generated content. For Facebook with thousands of employees but half a billion members worldwide, it?s a particularly big challenge.

Why Twitter Influences Cross-Cultural Engagement

from Mashable! by Jessica Faye Carter

#gmp24: Thoughts on police Twitter experiment

by Mediations

For 24 hours from 5am yesterday Greater Manchester Police tweeted details of every call it received from the public. From the moment I heard about it on – on Radio 4’s Today programme, actually – I thought it was brilliant initiative but inevitably it has attracted criticism as well as praise.

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