Can Erol: Nationalism and the game between Turkey and Germany
Mesut Özil and Angela Merkel

Last Friday, Turkey played against Germany which had gained the third place in the latest World Cup in South Africa. Under normal circumstances, Turkey was expected to play offensive and harsh, however things did not go that way. The squad on the pitch was not efficient enough to surpass the outstanding defence performance of Germany. Badstueber and Westermann quickly adapted into the team instead of Friedrich and Boateng who were in the starting eleven in the World Cup games. The result was 3-0 with the magnificent play of Klose-Müller-Mesut trio.

The match can be commented by many perspectives.I have the belief that football is not just a funny game, it has many dynamics that come through the daily practices of life. It has a direct relationship with the birth of industrialization and the growth of the capitalism. Mesut Özil was the key player of the game not only for his talents but also for being Turkish native. Throughout the week, some players of Turkish National Team had criticized the citizenship preference of Mesut instead of training! The more annoying thing was the protests of the fans through the game. Whenever Mesut touched the ball, they all began to yell at him. This was a typical reflex of dissimulation. The whole nation was ?proud? of Mesut while he was leading German National Team in the World Cup 2010 but the notion of ?proud? totally changed with embarrassment during the game.

The inefficient level of employment drove a huge amount of people outside the country in the middle of the 20th century and their children have grown up with a different perception of nationalism. Some got along very well with their origin but some preferred to be known as a citizen where he or she had found every opportunity. Mesut is the member of the second set. He has the right to deny Turkish Nationality although he did not do that. The critism of Mesut should not be a daily subject that can be criticized by illiterate people. The only thing we can do is to show respect to him.

In the mean time:

Huge Blow….Azerbaijan beats Turkey!

by Ahmet Turgut

This has to be the worst defeat In Turkish National Team history.

Low ranked Azerbaijan National team beat Turkey and shocked the world!

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